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World Circus Day

Posted by Team APATA | Apr 15, 2021

Come one , come all!

What is World Circus day?

“The World Circus Federation declares the 11th World Circus Day a unique opportunity all over the Globe to celebrate together our performing art-form. It is a wonderful occasion to use the day for sharing the art of happiness with those too who don’t have deeper understanding of the beauty and skill of the circus; its growing social role and of its increasing prestige. The coordinated actions of the participants and the varied and thoughtful programs make our voice louder our image stronger.”

How did it begin?

This day of recognition for circus arts was initiated by the European Circus Association and the World Circus Federation.

The World Circus Federation (Fédération Mondiale du Cirque) was founded in 2008 to preserve, support and promote the art and culture of circus. Princess Stéphanie of Monaco serves as the honorary president of the Federation.

On April 19, 2008 the World Circus Federation celebrated European Circus Day for the first time. The holiday became international in 2010 and has been celebrated every year since. According to the Federation, World Circus Day is the world’s largest common international festival for the circus community. Its main goal is to celebrate circus arts and culture as well as to get more people interested in circus.

What’s on?

NICA invites those interested to their Come & Try day this Saturday.

Roundabout Circus, Wyoming NSW:  Are holding an open day We will play games, paint faces, draw raffles and play. You might like to have a go on the tight wire or try your hand at juggling, hula hooping or making balloon animals.

What Circus schools are in Australia?

Check out our article: Circus Education in Australia including a list of Circus Schools – you may want to add to our list!!

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