APATA – The Australian Performing Arts Teachers Association

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Get Involved & Promote

APATA is building a strong member base.

We have a strong offline component and produce numerous events and activities.

APATA has a national distribution across Australia and New Zealand.

Our community includes teachers, educators, students, business and professionals.

There are several different media opportunities available.

Online Promotions

Advertise on the APATA website.

Run a competition through the APATA website and/or digital platforms.


Interviews, member stories and journey’s, videos, podcasts, news from the performing arts community…it’s all here!


APATA is updated continuously with new and original content from across Australia and New Zealand ensuring every visit is different.


APATA has many features, providing valuable promotion tools a potential advertiser can leverage. Our marketing team will work closely with you to ensure your promotion receives the best possible outcome.

For further information and enquiries, please email us at hello@apata.com.au to contact our marketing team.

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