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50:50 The Equality Project

Posted by Team APATA | Apr 15, 2021

Noticed anything different on your TV screens?

Launched in 2016, 50:50 The Equality Project is the biggest collective action on increasing representation in BBC content to date. Its primary objective is to create cultural change by ensuring that there is a diversity of voice in all content that is produced by the broadcaster. Starting in one newsroom it is now used across all platforms and has become a global initiative.

“Our agenda for creative diversity has a simple aim at its heart – to inspire action and measure its success. In the midst of all the recent uncertainties there’s opportunity to effect real change”.

“50:50 has become a movement driven by the creativity, passion and determination of thousands of people around the world.”

— Tony Hall, BBC Director-General

The initiative, born in the BBC’s London newsroom, uses a methodology that is rooted in data, creativity, practicality and passion to fundamentally shift representation within the media.

The BBC wanted to drive and lead change for diversity and inclusion – both within their workforce and across creative output – establishing best practice for the wider creative industry. 50:50 The Equality Project is committed to inspiring and supporting the BBC and organisations around the globe to consistently create journalism and media content that fairly represents our world.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has joined the BBC’s 50:50 Equality Project – Creative Diversity. The Creative Diversity team, led by June Sarpong, Director of Creative Diversity, was established at the end of last year to drive change and ensure that the broadcasters content truly reflected the public they serve.

“The 50:50 strategy was a no brainer for the news channel because if we could better represent the audiences we’re broadcasting to, then they’ll notice,” says Tim Ayliffe, ABC News TV & Video Managing Editor, explains. “In 2020 we achieved our biggest broadcasting audience ever and for every month of the year we had 50% or more females on the channel, but it wasn’t easy.”

The results have been astounding. To explore this program further visit 50:50 The Equality Project

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