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Emma Louise Pursey

Oct 2, 2023

Emma Louise Pursey: Integrated Actor Training

Emma Louise Pursey has over 25 years experience in the Suzuki Method of Actor Training and has adapted it into her Integrated Actor Training approach to encourage more natural alignments of the body, focusing on safe technique and longevity of practice.

She trained for ten years with Frank Theatre under John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll as well as masterclasses with Okubo Noriaki (Suzuki Company of Toga), Ichiro Nakayama (SCOT) and Ellen Lauren (SITI).

​Emma is a core faculty member at 16th Street Actors Studio and also teaches at The National Theatre.

​She has been an industry guest at Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia, Film & Television Studio International, and NICA.

This month’s podcast episode

In this month’s podcast episode APATA’s Managing Director Yolande Smith and Emma Louise Pursey discuss educating actors, the benefits of Integrated Actor Training based on the Suzuki Method of Actor Training, and the creative process in today’s technologically evolving world. “Technology is so democratic”, Pursey says, “It opens up the options to take your power back. You can really explore your own creativity and get it out there. ”

A 25-year veteran of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training Pursey developed her own approach evolving Suzuki  into her own Integrated Actor Training, which she now facilitates at 16th Street Actors Studio and the National Theatre.

The training is at times challenging both physically and mentally but the reward is awareness of body, mind and voice and energised embodiment in performance.

Pursey’s point of view is thorough and highly evocative of a life dedicated to exploration of the ‘possible’. Curiosity plays a big part in her life and work and her advice for students and emerging artists is to stay curious about the world and themselves and to begin a lifelong pursuit of self-discovery.

Access this Podcast episode’s transcript pdf HERE.

Read this APATA member Spotlight from when we first met Emma Louise Pursey.

Emma’s Podcast also features HERE


(Frank Theatre) Oz Frank, Salome – 1997, Jacqui Carroll, John Nobbs

Suzuki Tadashi – Suzuki Company of Toga

Brides of Frank: Caroline Dunphy, Lisa O’Neill, Leah Shelton & Neridah Waters.

16th Street Actors Studio: Kim Krejus, Ian Rickson, Iain Sinclair

Jackie Ryan – We’ll Show the World Expo ’88

The National Theatre: Dr Jo Loth

One Star Lounge and Gallery

Heide Museum of Modern Art: Joy Hester, Barbara Blackman


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