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What is the AWESOME festival?

Posted by Team APATA | Sep 22, 2020

The AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things (the AWESOME Festival) is presented annually in the Perth CBD. The Festival showcases a spectacular array of events including theatre, dance, early childhood activities, music, film, literature, visual arts and creative hands-on activities. AWESOME is committed to presenting high-quality, layered programming for children aged 0 – 12 and their families.

Festival Program

The 2020 AWESOME Festival dates are as follows:

28 September – 2 October: Perth Cultural Centre
3 & 4 October: Closing Party at His Majesty’s Theatre
21 – 25 September: School Excursions in the Perth Cultural Centre

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In December 1996 the first AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things (AWESOME Festival) launched into the world in Subiaco, Western Australia by Barking Gecko Theatre Company.

The vision for this event came from the creative team at Barking Gecko when in the course of touring Barking Gecko’s work internationally, Grahame Gavin and Lou Westbury encountered a broad array of outstanding work being made for young audiences overseas. Just as international audiences were able to experience Western Australian work through Barking Gecko’s touring, they wondered how young audiences in Western Australia might respond to wonderful artistry of their international counterparts. The idea for an international children’s festival was born!

When opportunity knocked and some funding became available, the team at Barking Gecko wasted no time. They staged the first AWESOME Festival in 1996 at the Subiaco Arts Centre. The event was a big success and paved the way for the formation of a new company. In November 1996, AWESOME became incorporated as a company; “AWESOME Perth International Children’s Festival” (now known as AWESOME Arts Australia Ltd) was established under the stewardship of Barking Gecko. Barking Gecko’s Chair, Tony Wilson moved across to Chair the new company and Gary Chard was engaged as its Creative Director.

Check out the 2020 Awesome International Arts Festival For Bright Young Things www.awesomearts.com


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