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Posted by APATA | Jul 21, 2019

It’s fantastic to hear from so many incredible people in our community, and we’re really keen to include as much of our community’s inspiration as we can. Before firing off an email to us, we have some tips on how you can get involved.

In a nutshell we’re not really looking for opinion pieces, such as critiques and reviews across staged works and productions – there is already plenty of great reviewers out there keeping us all informed.

If you have an interview you wish to share, student and studio news, articles on your achievements and challenges, your own story, student projects, productions on the road through your school or production house, up and coming events, examination news, hints and tips, scholarship and/or internship news, through to products our community would be interested in learning about send them on through and share. You might also have news and information about summer schools, workshops, eisteddfods, masterclasses, guest teacher experiences, or expertise in the realm of performing arts our reading audience would thoroughly enjoy. We’d absolutely love you to hear from you!

APATA features are more than your average magazine articles, it’s also about our community. Our community thoroughly enjoy the unexpected every time they click open a story. The best stories should be informative and kind that will make our community go to their best friend and say, “You need to see this, it’s really inspirational / funny / gut-wrenching / creative / surprising / I learnt a lot.”

Our contributors have their own individual voices, and we encourage them to speak their minds. We’re looking for sharp-eyed perspectives and narratives, bursting with personal insight, wit, inspiration and knowledge. Our articles have heart, are inclusive and never too-cool-for-school. It’s all welcoming our community, providing insight, and a transfer of knowledge.

For all contributors, both finished work and pitches are welcome. If sending only a pitch, please include clippings and/or portfolio samples. We know teachers, students and professionals are out there developing, presenting and achieving amazing things…share your journey with us!

Anything outside the box we must know about…well that would be wonderful too!

We’re open to all ideas, thoughts and participation.

Send us your story via your online member profile or alternatively take action and share by sending your article to hello@apata.com.au

Please don’t forget to include great picks or clips in ‘Hi Res’ format to be included with your article. Remember pictures speak a thousand words and of course you have the permission of the photographer / videographer for the imagery being included for use. JPEG images and documents in word format preferred. If the imagery or clip is too large to email or upload through you member profile, include a downloadable link in your communications and for clips link us to your YouTube or Vimeo account so we can access.

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