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Wander Out West Festival

Posted by Curate | Dec 15, 2022


Curate & Djinda Boodja are joining forces with the US Government and Healthway, supported by RISE, to bring a carefully curated programme of concerts, experiences, installations, exhibitions, museum tours, community workshops, artist talks and events this 16 – 27 January 2023 at Djinda Boodja in Waterford, WA!

You may have heard inklings of the WOW Festival over the past few months and have been waiting for the official launch. Well, wait no longer – here it is!

Curate Founder, Patricia Alessi is thrilled to be launching the WOW Festival with Djinda Boodja on their campus. “As a proud West Australian and American, it is an honour to share the unique talents of West Australian artists on a national and international scale. It may be the most isolated place in the world, but we are bursting with talent. I am delighted to share this and to encourage people to Wander Out West. We have a lot to offer.’

This festival is by artists for artists, and it will embrace and celebrate the true breadth and diversity of the voices of Australia’s arts and culture. Whatever your interest, the WOW Festival is sure to have something on offer that will delight.

Featuring nationally-recognised visual artist Vicki Warn (Koori Elder who paints under her original name, Tabatha Davison) and Curate & Djinda Boodja artists and musicians, join them in exploring the unique voices, stories and talents of the West that is by WA and for WA.

“It is wonderful that the Americans, RISE and Healthway are joining us on the WOW Festival, as well as the City of South Perth for our installation. We are excited to showcase what we have to offer and to encourage West Australians to explore our own backyard. You don’t have to go abroad or travel far.” says Djinda Boodja Arts Centre Director Warn [Davison].

With 11 days of concerts, experiences, installations, exhibitions, artist talks, events … and even a Shadow Puppet Opera! … as well as the Grand Opening of the Djinda Boodja Museum and the ever-popular three-time award-winning Act Belong Commit Recycle Instrument Project workshops, join Curate & Djinda Boodja as they encourage WA to Wander Out West.

United States Consul General Siriana Nair said the partnership shows the expansive and vibrant relationship between the U.S. and Australia. “Art enriches our everyday lives but also allows people to express themselves and communicate ideas, beliefs and identity. It’s a delight to support WOW Festival’s goals to share and protect Indigenous stories and culture in Western Australia.”

The City of South Perth Mayor, Greg Milner acknowledges the special role that Djinda Boodja and Curate WOW Festival plays in showcasing Aboriginal arts and culture in the City and is excited to support this festival through their Community Development Grant program.

The WOW Festival focuses on being inclusive and supportive of artists, introducing the community to the local talent they might not know exists. Both Curate and Djinda Boodja look forward to seeing you at the festival this January 2023!

To book tickets, please check out the festival’s website: www.wanderoutwest.org/book-a-ticket

Event Details

Wander Out West Festival

Monday, 16 January – Friday 27 January 2023. [Session times vary so please see each workshop’s listing]

Djinda Boodja, 295A Manning Road, Waterford, WA 6152

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