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Posted by Team APATA | Feb 12, 2021

This week we’ve popped into the green room one of our favourites – The O’Keefe Music Foundation, a not-for-profit music organisation that offers FREE music lessons, FREE music camps, FREE recording sessions and FREE music videos to young musicians from around the world!  The foundation’s mission is to provide all children, regardless of economic circumstance, with access to high quality music education, top of the line instruments, professional recording equipment and the ability to follow their dreams!

Based in Cincinnati, North America with a limited budget, the O’Keefe Music Foundation has created a one-of-a-kind program that has given over 1,000 students the chance to follow their dreams. 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, 78 million views and countless articles on news outlets from around the world are proof that OMF is making an impact. All musical performances at the O’Keefe Music Foundation are recorded, filmed and posted online so the entire world can view, giving talented young musicians the chance to perform and be seen by a global audience. The foundation is lovingly supported by industry leaders, such as Billboard.com, Loudwire.com and countless other music websites. Since starting in 2006, the O’Keefe Music Foundation has supported 941 ‘students’ record and film nearly 300 music videos – FOR FREE, YES, FREE! – with a combined 78 MILLION VIEWS so far!

Truly awesome to watch kids crack out their favourites. Stay in touch with the latest releases and be inspired.

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