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Creative Writing Courses from MYWS

Posted by Team APATA | Jun 16, 2022

We really enjoyed chatting with Dan Nixon on this month’s APATA podcast episode so we just have to share more about the awesome Melbourne Young Writers Studio.

Dan and the team at MYWS aim to give kids the creative writing experiences they wish they would have had available as kids. With so much extracurricular activities such as sport, dance and music this is an opportunity to exercise writing skills and delve into the creative world inside their imaginations.

MYWS have pop up locations at Brighton and Canterbury with a studio at Fitzroy North.

What’s on offer at Melbourne Young Writers Studio?

For Schools

Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio offers a number of pre-packaged programs for primary and secondary schools. We can also create, tailor and structure a broad range of programs to the specific needs of students, teachers and schools.

Download the 2022 MYWS Schools Program – Here

For Kids

Creative Writing Clubs – Learn more

Inkling groups are a great way to support young writers develop their storytelling skills and be inspired by their own imagination, and each other. Small groups of 3-5 young writers are matched up with a workshop leader and run for one hour a week.

Private Mentorships – Learn more

Young writers are challenged, encouraged  and supported in developing their storytelling and writing skills.

Mon-Fri and Saturdays!

School Holiday Programs – Learn more

Interactive, story-based workshops that get kids writing and creating in a fun environment alongside other kids.

Book now for the Winter Holiday Programs – https://www.mywritersstudio.com.au/school-holiday-programs/

Online Inkling Groups – Learn more

Run each Semester these small groups of 7-8 young writers are matched with a workshop coach. the focus first and foremost is on teaching young writers the craft of storytelling so as to inspire a passion for creative writing. Then dive deeper into the technical side of creative writing.

One hour a week

For Grown Ups

Story and Self: Awakening the writer within – Learn more

This course is applicable to all forms of creative writing and will be equally beneficial to those new to writing and looking for somewhere to start or those in need of a refocus and fresh inspiration. We suggest everyone do this course first because it not only creates a great introduction or reminder on the tenets of storytelling, covering the fundamentals of character, worldbuilding and story structure but also goes much further to helping writers build a philosophy and framework around their storytelling and writing practice.

Introduction to Screenwriting – Learn more

Hosted by screenwriting teacher, writer, and producer, Dan Nixon, this course will deliver an introduction to the craft and world of screenwriting for beginners as well as provide foundational skills in writing character, understanding structure, and the technical craft of writing screenplays.

The First Chapter – Learn more

Aimed at those looking to start a novel, or needing a push on the next stages of an already started project, this course will give you the tools you need to take the steps necessary to complete this goal.

Creative Development Nights – Learn more

Our CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT NIGHTS at MYWS are a chance to have an in-person conversation with someone who is kicking goals in the creative industries. It is a conversational masterclass where we focus in on both the Creative Career and Creative Process of the author. Essentially its a time to learn a hell of a lot from someone who is doing the stuff.

Plus Words & Wine, The YA Book Club & Books You Should Have Read Book Club.

Interested in one of the programs? Contact MYWS

Dan Nixon and Volume Three of The Young Explorers Journal of Forgotten Stories- an annual MYWS release.

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