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Brisbane Comedy Festival 2020

Posted by Team APATA | Nov 28, 2019

Comic musings, side-splitting stories and tear-inducing tales…

Looking for ​upcoming comedy shows and events​ or wondering ​what’s on​ in ​Brisbane tonight? Australia’s fastest growing ​comedy ​festival, ​Brisbane Comedy​ Festival, has grown into a multi-venue extravaganza, bursting at the seams to host a hand-picked selection of the funniest folk in the country.

Held at Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane City Hall and SunPAC, Brisbane Comedy Festival plays host to one-liners, whimsy and mockery from more than 75 of the most hilarious national and international comedians.

From ​stand u​p to improv and sketch ​comedy​, they’ve got your tastes covered ​with the funniest shows to see in Brisbane​, plus they’ll shine a light on the best new talent, here and now!

Don’t forget that students get their chance to try out their skills too with the Class Clowns State Finals. Registrations are now open for this one-of-a-kind, national secondary school comedy competition. Past winners include Joel Creasey, William McKenna and Aaron Chen. If you’re 14-18 (Years 9-12) ,or you know someone with the skills who is, and you have a stand-up, sketch, physical or musical comedy act – register now!

You’ll get to take part in a workshop with a professional comedian before performing your act in front of a live audience. If you progress through the heats you will then go on to a State Final, where you’ll be in the running to secure a place at the National Grand Final. We’ll fly all the national finalists to Melbourne to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a chance to win the Class Clowns title and a $2,500 prize package!

To register in a workshop/heat, or for all the As to your Qs go to www.classclowns.com.au

Sat 07 Mar (Heats) 3pm – FREE ADMISSION
Tue 10 Mar (Heats) 2pm – FREE ADMISSION
Sun 17 Mar (State Finals) 3pm – TICKETED


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