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Bend the Air: Circus Showcase

Posted by Team APATA | Jul 8, 2021

Bend The Air is the next evolution of the modern circus industry. Developed to showcase the talent of emerging young artists and and to build connections among the community, this annual competition is a fantastic performance opportunity for budding artists on their journey to professional careers in circus arts.

Established in 2020, Bend The Air puts a modern spin on the traditional circus experience with a melting pot of acts ranging from acrobatics solos, groups and aerial silks and lyra to our ‘circus freaks’ and open aerial categories providing an element of individuality, artistic expression and entertainment value.

The competition invites performers from all across Australia to compete and thrive within an environment of like-minded young artists with a diversity of backgrounds and skillsets.

Upcoming events

Brisbane QLD
Auditions Close: 30 July
Audition Results: 4 August
Entries Close: 11 August
Auditions Close: 29 August
Audition Results: 3 September
Entries Close: 9 September

Entry Process

ALL Competitors must first register for the event in which they wish to compete and pay the $25.00 registration fee.

Our ‘Aerial Addicts’ and ‘Circus Freaks’ categories involve a two-phase competition. Phase 1 is an online video audition – where a video must be submitted to be reviewed by our panel of judges to determine if you are successful to progress to Phase 2 – the live competition.

‘Acro Fanatics’ entries do not require an audition and will complete the online entry form and payment to enter the competition.

More details on this process and entry fees can be found in competition kits CLICK HERE

Learn more about the competition below:

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