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Posted by Team APATA | Jul 14, 2020

‘Alike’ is a short-animated film directed by Daniel Martinez Lara and co-directed by Rafa Cano Mendez. The short is a very accurate bittersweet look how life can sometimes dull us a little. We follow the lives of Copi and Paste and see how they navigate a busy world.

Released a few years ago it still offers a beautiful and simple message…Follow your heart, live your dreams and do what you love!

This passionate short animation really hits the nail, people do lose their colour over time so the goal should be that you pursue your dreams, do what you love and if you can, try help others achieve their dreams too! And if you can’t pursue your dreams then fill your life with passion.

Shout out to APATA Member – Fran Hannaway for sharing a timely reminder to never lose sight of what we love and what we do!

Alike was voted into the top short films of 2016 and also received numerous rewards, over 30 awards and nominations world-wide! The director Daniel Martinez Lara’s 3D and animation skills are all 100% self-taught, he became an animation teacher and taught for 20 years. His passion for animation is so important that he started a school in Barcelona, known as Pepe School Land.

As we grow up and enter the “Real World,” we tend to forget all about the little things that made us happy when we were younger, and as the years pass, society teaches us to suppress the creative spark that makes us special, instead of embracing it. ‘Alike’ highlights how society numbs our creativity, and even though no words are spoken throughout the entire 8-minute film, the message is loud and clear.

By using different colours, the creators highlight people’s feelings and show us how modern society affects the quality of our lives. Basically, the paler a person becomes, the less happy they are, much like how we feel and interpret emotions in real life.

This short film also shows how people can change their colours, and change their lives for the better by spending more time on the little things that bring happiness and joy, rather than just working hard to appease the standard set by modern-day societies.

We love this short and wonderful animation at APATA by Pepe School Land and if nothing else it’s a reminder to make sure our kids aren’t taught to suppress their creativity, instead of learning to embrace it!

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