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2021 Zahira Crystals Perth Ballroom Challenge

Posted by Team APATA | Mar 4, 2021

Jack Johnson and Joanne de Jager, the organisers of the Perth Ballroom Challenge, are both Professional Latin-American dancers. They have been fortunate enough to compete in fabulous Ballroom Dancing competitions around the globe and it was their goal to bring the richness of those experiences back to their home town of Perth, Western Australia.

The Perth Ballroom Challenge is based around three core ideals:

  1. To create an environment for competitors best conducive of quality dancing;
  2. To produce an entertaining experience for audiences; and
  3. To provide an attractive commercial product for Ballroom Dancing related businesses.

The first Perth Ballroom Challenge was held in November, 2017. The event was such a success that it has only grown in size and stature year-upon-year. PBC are extremely proud that their annual event attracting interstate and overseas competitors and adjudicators as well as selling out venue capacity of the 2020 event.

The organisers have high hopes for their event in the future, they strongly believe in the attraction of Ballroom Dancing competitions to both the general public and sponsors and envisage an event able to put Perth on the map of great Ballroom Dancing competitions across the globe.

FIND OUT MORE HERE  – perthballroomchallenge.com.au

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