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What to write and where to share your ideas

Presented By: APATA
Friday 16 April 2021
Members: Free / Non-Members: $33.00
Virtual Online Workshop

Facilitator: Kelly Irving

Hi, I’m Kelly

I’m really passionate about empowering change makers to communicate in a way that enriches both their life and others.

As a bestselling-book coach, editor, published writer and creator of The Expert Author Academy, I nurture aspiring writers from their initial idea through its implementation and final impact. My work results in industry awards and major publishing deals, but most importantly, it empowers people to produce writing that matters and makes a difference in today’s communication-driven world.

In previous lives, I worked as a journalist and editor in travel and corporate education, and as a magazine teacher at RMIT university – so I know how to get your most powerful message across, whether you’re looking to build your business or profile, or create better engagement with your community and peers.

Is This Workshop For Me? 

Everything in our online world today revolves around being able to articulate your ideas and communicate yourself quickly and effectively with others – whether that’s through emails, blogs, newsletters, brochures, socials or websites…

Sharing your wisdom and words well is essential if you are building your own business or running your own private school, working as an industry professional, tasked with communications for your local community group, or in arts education communicating what is happening at your school to colleagues and parents. So in this workshop, Kelly will help you clarify where and how to best communicate with your audience, regardless of whether you “love to write” or if you don’t think you’re “any good at writing”. (Because she argues you just need the right tools to help.)

This Online Workshop will include your interaction and participation to help you make the most of it, and they’ll be supporting resources and cheat sheets to use after the session to implement the learnings.

Topic: What to write and where to share your ideas

  • Why you can no longer hide under the covers when it comes to writing and sharing who you are
  • What the cost is of getting communication wrong – and the benefit when you get it right
  • Where the most common places are that you can share your ideas and yourself
  • How to understand the difference (pros and cons) between each – blogs / email list / newsletters / white papers / book / brochure / website / socials
  • How to pick your best communication channel so you win the hearts and minds of your audience every time
  • Why knowing what type of writer you are (mastermind / entrepreneur / deep thinker / storyteller) can help you achieve your goal

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