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“I have worked in this school for 20 years and nothing has been anywhere near as good as this in bringing multi-sensory stimulation to our children.”
Teacher, Sir David Brand School

Sensorium Theatre is Australia’s only company making live shows specifically designed for young audiences with disabilities. Their aim is to improve the lives of children with disability by sparking their imaginations.

Based in Western Australia, and formed in 2010, the team at Sensorium have enchanted thousands of young people with disability with the magic of live theatre.

A highlight for the company and a landmark for arts access was the presentation of their Helpmann-nominated show Oddysea at the Sydney Opera House and the Arts Centre Melbourne in 2015.

In 2017 the team completed a national tour of Oddysea to 8 different cities and towns across Australia. In 2018, Sensorium shared their work at the Lincoln Center, New York, as part of The Big Umbrella Festival for audiences with autism.

They’re also under demand with international audiences where recently they presented a season at The Artground, Singapore. Their third production and biggest yet, Whoosh! – a fly-your-own spaceship adventure has achieve outstanding success and changed the lives of many including children on the autism spectrum and those with complex and multiple disabilities who many have limited movement and/or sensory impairment and complex communication needs.

Connect with the team at Sensorium Theatre www.sensoriumtheatre.com.au 

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