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2022 APATA Performing Arts School of the Year – Pulteney Grammar School

WINNER: Pulteney Grammar School

Pulteney grammar School 2022 APATA Award winner


With a 175-year history Pulteney Grammar School demonstrates significant success throughout its history and certainly for the present award year. With a dedicated team of teachers, this school has reinvented their performing arts program, introduced new and innovative co-curricular groups with a song writing club, DJ school, musical theatre troupe and three drama clubs. The achievements of Pulteney Grammar are nothing short of outstanding across education and dedication, driven by the school’s plan to create a world class, engaging, challenging, and rewarding middle school performing arts program. Demonstrating growth and participation it is clear this school program has embraced its students’ needs and delivered a world class experience with high attendance and engagement across the school community.

The Australian Performing Arts Teachers Association is proud to announce Pulteney Grammar School our 2022 APATA National Performing Arts School of the Year.

A crowning addition to their 175th birthday celebrations and long-standing legacy of education excellence.

Head of Performing Arts, Mr Jonathon Rice, has led Pulteney Grammar’s Performing Arts faculty through extensive curriculum changes creating a robust program to support students in their middle years and enabling a depth of learning that encourages their decision-making as they progress through the years.

Pulteney Performing Arts Programs in action

The complete overhaul of the Middle School Performing Arts Program included:

  • The introduction of dance as a co-curricular program.
  • Dance installed as a core subject from Year 3 to Year 8 and offered as an elective up to Year 12.
  • Creating and implementing new ‘Integrated Performing Arts’ programs for Year 7 and Year 8 focusing on Dance, Drama, Music, Theatre Technology and Digital Media.
  • New performing arts electives from Year 9 including Sound Engineering and Musical Theatre with new recording and sound engineering facilities
  • Introducing new co-curricular groups like Song Writing Club, DJ School, Musical Theatre Troupe, and three drama clubs.
  • The number of choirs, bands, and ensembles in action at Pulteney has increased. Pulteney’s Stage Band winning three out of the past four ABODASA Festivals.

Pulteney Grammar School changed the entire middle school structure, including the assessment and reporting process, to ensure the program’s success. A whole building dedicated to the Performing Arts was refurbished and began use in 2020.

The completed revitalisation of the Pulteney Middle School Performing Arts Program will be completed by 2023 (Year 8).  With the support of the school board, executive team, parents, students, and the South Australian Performing Arts Community Pulteney Grammar School has increased Performing Arts engagement, production values and school enrolments.

Congratulations Pulteney Grammar School!

Winner of the 2022 APATA National Award for Performing Arts School of the Year.

Stay tuned for Pulteney Grammar School’s Award Presentation video coming soon.






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