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APATA Podcast with Paul Young

May 29, 2023

Meet Paul Young, Head of Music, South West Music Regional Conservatorium, on Wamba Wamba Perrepa Perrepa country (Deniliquin), NSW

South West Music Regional Conservatorium’s vision is to inspire and enrich lives through music. Our purpose is to provide leadership, resources and expertise to ensure that every person has the opportunity to make, learn and appreciate music.

From young and enthusiastic music teachers billeting with local families every fortnight in the 1980s. To what is now an integral and vibrant permanent part of Deniliquin and its surrounds.

Paul Young and SW Music

As Head of Music, Paul Young has joined a dedicated team that nurtures and supports students in music education. SW Music provides plenty of community performance opportunities and real world experience for their passionate pupils.

“What’s the point of learning an instrument and practicing and then not performing? They’ve done all this practice and have reached this standard where they can get up on stage and perform. If we weren’t organising in-house concerts and performances at assemblies, at schools, and directly liaising with community members to get our kids out there they wouldn’t be performing. And to me performing is an integral part of music. ”

Paul has extensive experience as a pianist, musical director and educator. He has previously held positions including Staff Accompanist/Performance Coach at Knox Grammar and Redlands, Acting Head of Keyboard and Staff Accompanist at The Scots College, Head of Music Performance at McDonald College of Performing Arts and Head of Performing Arts at Calvary Christian College.

Whilst in these positions he has also toured extensively, performing in Asia, Europe and the United States with both local and international acts and companies.

He has also worked on various musicals including Las Vegas, Wicked, Miss Saigon and Priscilla Queen of the Desert with Australia’s top musical directors including John Foreman, Guy Simpson and Kellie Dickenson and has been appointed Musical Director for over a hundred revue, shows, cabarets and performances.

So great to chat with Paul Young and learn more about South West Music and the essential services of our regional conservatoriums!

Read Paul Young and SW Music’s member spotlight article: HERE

Access the podcast Pdf transcript: Pdf HERE


Website: www.swmusic.org.au

Facebook: @swmusic

Instagram: @southwestmusiccon

Youtube: @southwestmusicregionalcons7030 


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