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To our Victorian members!

Posted by Will Centurion | Nov 3, 2020

Will Centurion – Counsellor and Life Coach is sending a message to our members to support students as studios reopen in Victoria and classes resume.

Hello APATA Community,

I am so happy to hear the news of the return to onsite classes. 😊

This has been an incredibly challenging year for all of you and I want to acknowledge your courage and bravery in choosing to remain hopeful, patient and adaptable.

May the remainder of 2020 bring you all some welcome relief.

As students return to class there may be emotional and psychological challenges to consider- beyond their initial phase of excitement. For many students there can also be anxiety around returning to large groups, fear of judgement to changes in their capacity or technique and shame around the ways in which they will see their body.

Please find attached a free resource around MIRROR SHOCK for you to consider when your community returns.

I look forward to collaborating alongside you to make your dance studio a safe space.

If there is anything you need in terms of information, workshops or teacher training, please feel free to reach out to me.

Celebrate your wins and appreciate how much you have overcome.


Will Centurion

Counselling & Life-Coaching for Actors, Singers, Dancers

Website: www.mrwillcenturion.com

Facebook Page: William Centurion: Counsellor & Life Coach

Instagram: @mrwillcenturionofficial


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