APATA – The Australian Performing Arts Teachers Association

Award 03. Performing Arts Student of the Year

The ‘Performing Arts Student of the Year’ award isn’t just about winning competitions. It is so much more. Whilst we acknowledge and want to know about the student’s achievements, we also want to get to know the young person working towards a future in the performing arts.

It takes courage to share your passion with the world. This award recognises a young person for their dedication to practice, perseverance, initiative, self-motivation, resilience and positive contribution to their performing arts community while developing skills and technique in their performing arts discipline/s of choice.

In the APATA National Award Program you will read ‘Performing arts education focus can be a combination of performing arts disciplines or a stand-alone area of specialisation’.

This means you may educate, teach or train across several areas (i.e., dance, music, singing, film and screen, etc.) or perhaps you focus on one area of expertise (e.g., dance, drama or circus)

  • All entrants are required to respond to the ‘Selection Criteria’ that provide judges with context (1,000 words max).
  • Please include attachments and links in your application that support your ‘Selection Criteria’ and demonstrate the student’s body of work. This may include, although not limited to, training and practice program overview, student curriculum vitae, images, performances, letters of support, testimonials, awards, scholarships, adjudication/competition reports, and links to video clips, etc.
  • Please note to nominate a student for this APATA award membership should be held by the teacher, school or industry.
  • Individual Membership – Teacher / Educator / Industry Practitioner
  • School Membership – Primary & Secondary / Performing Arts Schools / Studios / Higher Education
  • Industry Membership – Arts Companies / Organisations (school and training programs)

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