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All From the Heart – Jonny Ng

Aug 5, 2020

Ok get ready, because APATA’s next podcast guest has a long list of titles!

Meet Jonny Ng

A Passion for Music

Jonny Ng’s passion for music began when he was chosen for his school’s strings program and from there he was hooked. Learning violin, viola and piano, Jonny would go on to play with the Queensland and Australian Youth Orchestras and after gaining a pharmacy degree on the way to medical school, music took over and thank goodness for us and Camerata -Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra. Speaking with Angela Loh, Camerata’s Managing Producer, Jonny takes us through his musical journey from those early days of inspiration to his current experience as an educator and professional artist.

“Thinking back on those early years, music really was my first love and it grew into a true passion of mine…I vividly remember my 1st year in Queensland Youth Orchestra, when I was fifteen, and that whole first year was filled with the kind of goose-bumps or spine tingles you get when you listen to or play music. And that really had a huge impact on me.”

Driving Education with Camerata

With music being the driving force of Jonny’s passion for education he finds that passion resonating with his fellow Camerata artists, who have almost 300 years of teaching experience between them. Being able to take that experience to regional towns and communities who do not have that resource is a special part of Jonny’s work. “At Camerata we’re committed to furthering the opportunities for music students & teachers throughout Queensland with a real focus on the communities that we visit through our annual touring program.”

Jonny has a light in him that you’ll hear in his voice and as a teacher and musician that light shines through. He believes in the value of educators, especially those in the performing arts. “Sometimes I think the biggest challenge we face as teachers is the value that society puts on what we do. As you know in a past life I used to be a pharmacist, so scientific evidence is really important to me. Now there’s almost 3 decades of research into the massive benefits of learning a musical instrument and brain development…I find music teachers really struggle with schools and parents believing that music is simply just a leisure activity …but it isn’t, it simply isn’t…It’s a beautiful art form in itself and it gives us the ability to connect with people, it gives us greater empathy and sensitivity to emotions and it unleashes creativity.”


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