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World Theatre Day

Posted by International Theatre Institute | Mar 25, 2021

In 1948 as the Iron Curtain divided nations UNESCO Director General, Sir Julian Huxley, and the playwright and novelist JB Priestly founded the International Theatre Institute [ITI].

Built to align with UNESCO’s goals they envisaged a world organisation for the performing arts encouraging culture, education, the arts, mutual understanding and peace.

Focused on creating platforms for international exchange and engagement in performing arts education for beginners and professionals alike, ITI has now developed into the world’s largest organisation for the performing arts, with more than 90 Centres spread across every continent.

World Theatre was created by the ITI and was celebrated for the first time on 27 March 1962, the date of the opening of the “Theatre of Nations” season in Paris. Ever since, each year on that date, World Theatre Day is celebrated on a global scale.

This day is a celebration for those who can see the value and importance of the art form “theatre”, and acts as a wake-up-call for governments, politicians and institutions which have not yet recognised its value to the people and to the individual and have not yet realised its potential for economic growth.

“The creative urge of writers, designers, dancers, singers, actors, musicians, directors, will never be suffocated and will flourish again with a new energy and a new understanding of the world we all share.”

Helen Mirren, Stage, Screen & Television Actress, World Theatre Day Message Author 2021

Watch the ITI program for World Theatre day via World Theatre Day Facebook 

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