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RISE Wakakirri 2022

Posted by Team APATA | Sep 7, 2022

We know a lot of school and dance teachers across the nation have been in performance mode for the past few weeks with the Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival live performances and awards nights underway. So great to see some of our APATA members and many more in action, and the impact this experience has on our kids and communities.

Wakakirri fun for all!

Attending a Wakakirri Awards night has always been super special. The kids are a little bit more relaxed having already got over their initial nerves in their first performances. Everyone is excited to see their school return to the stage. And, as an audience member it never fails to bring a tear to the eye when you see the kids dancing and acting their Story-Dance with all the passion of seasoned pros…and most importantly enjoying themselves.

Congratulations to all the schools and dance schools who have participated in the Live Challenges and Awards nights so far. It’s been amazing to see you all ‘RISE’ to the Wakakirri Challenge!

Registrations for the Wakakirri Video Challenge close this week, 9 September 2022, with all video submissions due by the last Wednesday of Term three in your state.

Since the introduction of the Video Challenge, Wakakirri participants now include those schools in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia increasing performing arts participation.

One of the reasons why Wakakirri was chosen as the winner of the 2021 APATA Award for Excellence in Performing Arts.

Keep up to date with announcements, photos and more on Facebook – @wakakirriofficial

Wakakirri Festival Director – Adam Loxley

Wakakirri Awards Categories

Wakakirri is not a competition, though school groups have the chance to be acknowledged in the fantastic selection of categories below:

  • Excellence in Performing Arts Award – Awarded to schools that embrace excellence, creativity, innovation and commitment in the creation of their Wakakirri Story-Dance.
  • Raising Awareness Story Award presented by Muffin Break – Awarded to schools for their Wakakirri Story-Dance AND community work to effectively raise awareness about an important community issue.
  • Reconciliation Story Award presented by Reconciliation Australia – Awarded to schools for their Wakakirri Story-Dance AND community work to increase respect, reduce prejudice or strengthen relationships between the wider Australian Community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  (Reconciliation Australia Teachers Resource Video / Reconciliation Australia Teachers Fact Sheet)
  • Environmental Story Award
  • Mental Health Story Award
  • Animal Welfare Story Award
  • Cultural Diversity/Multicultural Story Award
  • Human Rights Story Award
  • History Story Award
  • Entertainment Story Award

Schools from both the live and video challenge awards nights then have the opportunity to be named in the National Awards which will we will be looking out for later this year.

Chookas to all the students, teachers, support crews, parents & carers involved in Wakakirri for 2022! Remember – Great stories inspire great change!

Donate to Wakakirri

Wakakirri’s Inspiration Fund enables disadvantaged communities the opportunity to participate in the Wakakirri Challenge. Just $35 is all it takes to send one student on their Wakakirri journey. Donations also help fund the Artist in Residence programs providing qualified Performing Arts Facilitators to do the ‘heavy-lifting’ of helping schools create their story dance.

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