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Wakakirri Registrations Now Open

Posted by Team APATA | Feb 17, 2022

Everything you need to know to get your school involved in Wakakirri 2022.

Wakakirri is turning 30!

Every school in Australia is invited to help celebrate! Does your school have a story to tell? Then help your students shake off the Covid blues by getting involved in Australia’s largest performing arts event for schools.

What is Wakakirri?

Wakakirri is a national Story-Dance festival that helps schools develop student engagement and well-being through participation in the performing arts. Schools participate by creating Story-Dances which they perform in live theatres in capital cities and selected regional areas around Australia. Schools in Remote and regional areas can participate in Wakakirri via Wakakirri Video.

Schools’ performances are inspired by the Wakakirri ethos ‘great stories inspire change’. Environmental, social, cultural, health & reconciliation stories are all popular themes. Each year hundreds of schools across Australia create and perform Story-dances for Wakakirri that reflect students’ thoughts, ideas, and aspirations.

Wakakirri is for ALL students, ALL schools; primary, secondary, government, catholic, independent, community groups, remote, regional, and metro.


  • Wakakirri Live – perform your Story-Dance in a professional theatre near you as part of Wakairri’s national live season tour. Cost $35 per student.
  • Wakakirri Video – Send in a video of your Story-Dance to be featured in the Wakakirri national online showcase. Cost $200 per school.
  • Artist in Residence Program – Need help? Wakakirri can provide qualified Performing Arts Facilitators that can come to your school and do the heavy lifting needed to create a Story-Dance performance. Teachers can still be involved in the process but without the pressure of being in charge! Wakakirri Artist in Residence programs can be used for Wakakirri Live or Wakakirri Video events.


Last year we presented Wakakirri with the 2021 APATA Award for Excellence in Performing Arts Education. 

During what was a disruptive year for all, APATA believed Wakakirri’s fortitude lifted the spirits of school students across Australia. By introducing the Video Story-Dance Challenge and opening up the festival to schools in regional areas and/or lockdown, Wakakirri ensured inclusion and performance opportunity for all.

Wakakirri and their hard working team supported teachers and schools during the onset of Covid,

We were delighted to see APATA members feature in the annual Wakakirri Showcase TV Special: WATCH HERE

Listen to Wakakirri’s APATA Podcast episode with founder Adam Loxley and Mignon Green hosted by Francesa Veitch, as they discuss Wakakirri resources for participants. These invaluable  programs can not only boost the performance opportunities for any school in Australia, but also boost the internal capabilities of your school’s performing arts team for years to come.


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