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Wakakirri and the Evolution in Performing Arts in Schools – New APATA Podcast Episode

Posted by Wakakirri | Jun 9, 2021

Adam Loxley founded Wakakirri in 1992 and today it is Australia’s largest performing arts event for schools. Adam is joined by Wakakirri Marketing Manager, Mignon Green, in a conversation led by Francesca Veitch to discuss ongoing changes in the performing arts education landscape today.

Whether it’s a lack of enthusiasm from students who have missed a year of performing arts opportunities or a lack of resources in a school community, all performing arts teachers are facing new and unexpected challenges as we move towards the future.

Learn how Wakakirri’s programs can not only boost the performance opportunities for any school in Australia but also boost the internal capabilities of your school’s performing arts team for years to come.

In this episode, the participants reference a few resources for teachers. You can find Wakakirri’s Curriculum Guide here, tips for creating a respectful reconciliation Story-Dance here and a video case study on the school discussed during the episode here as well as the full version of their Story-Dance ‘403’ here.

If you would like to register for Wakakirri get involved here and if you would like to receive more information about joining their Live 2022 season or anything else, please email info@wakakirri.com.


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