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Wakakirri 2024: Get Involved!

Posted by Team APATA | Sep 7, 2023

Wakakirri 2024

Wakakirri is gearing up for a great 2024 as registration opens for the 2024 Story Dance Challenge.
Every year schools right across Australia, from the cities to the regions, create and participate in Australia’s largest performing arts event for schools.
Wakakirri provides innovative educational programs to schools that develop student engagement and wellbeing through the sharing of stories and participation in the performing arts.

What is a Story-Dance?

A Wakakirri Story-Dance is a 3-7 minute performance where a group of students theatrically tells a story using a combination of dance, creative movement, acting, and pre-recorded music. Primary schools can unleash their creativity by incorporating any combination of dance styles, creative movement, acting, music, props, costumes, sets, and film projections. The possibilities are endless!

Get involved!

Schools have the option to create their own Story-Dance using Wakakirri online resources, or by booking a Wakakirri Artist in Residence Program, where a Wakakirri specialist facilitator guides the process. Typically, rehearsals span 12 weeks starting in term 2.

Students of all experience levels can participate, with a focus on creative movement and drama rather than technical dance. Wakakirri puts an emphasis on creative storytelling and sustainability, promoting inclusive and imaginative performances without the need for expensive and extravagant productions.

New Schools Club

Thinking of joining the Wakakirri performing arts challenge for the first time? Join the New Schools Club and be ready to start rehearsals by term 2, 2024 culminating with your Story Dance performance on stage in term 3.

The News Schools Club begins in October 2023, simply register your expression of interest and Wakakirri will get in touch to start you on your way.

APATA Award Winner

Winners of the 2021 APATA award for Excellence in Performing Arts Education, Wakakirri is more than a performing arts event. They have programs to assist school involvement, teacher professional development, creative career days and funding opportunities to make participation possible for all. From the regions to the cities Wakakirri wants everyone to know that great stories inspire great change!
YouTube: @wakakirri
email: wakakirri@wakakirri.com


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