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WAKAKIRRI – Australia’s Biggest Performing Arts Event For Schools

Posted by Team Wakakirri | Mar 18, 2021

Great Stories Inspire Change!

Great Stories can open hearts and minds and inspire change. Wakakirri is a Story-Dance festival where schools aim to do just that! Created in 1992 Wakakirri is Australia’s largest national performing arts event for schools. Does your school have a story to tell? It’s time to get involved! Wakakirri is for every school in Australia.

Let’s get back on Stage

Let’s get back on-stage, in theatres and sharing stories! Join the ultimate, COVID-Safe, interschool performing arts festival in Australia by becoming a participant with Wakakirri – Australia’s Largest Performing Arts Event for Schools.

The Signature Item

The Signature Item is one of the best challenges at Wakakirri and this year’s Item is… *drumroll please* a Monkey!!! What inspiration is this friendly face giving you? How are you going to work a monkey into your Story-Dance? You can be literal, you can use the monkey as a metaphor, you can be silly! The choice is up to you (reminder, it is not compulsory to use the Signature Item) but for the team at Wakakirri, seeing how the Signature Item gets creatively used by different schools is a hugely exciting part of Wakakirri each year!


Wakakirri’s Story Dance registration is closing soon. Have you registered for Wakakirri? Plenty of support if it’s your first time or you are wanting to brush up on some hints and tips to prepare for a fun filled Wakakirri experience.

Wakakirri Live Registrations Close
31st March 2021

Wakakirri Video Registrations Close
3 September 2021

Wakakirri Careers Day
Online 6 May 2021

Wakakirri 2021 Masterclasses
Online 28 & 29 April 2021

What do we love about the Wakairri experience?

  • Fostering teamwork and personal growth.
  • Encouraging resilience through the creative process.
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence through achievement.

All the things we love about the creative arts and education is encompassed by Wakakirri. To find out how your school can get involved, this year’s amazing judges, attend the careers day, join a masterclass or for more information about the Wakakirri 2021 Challenge click ‘Get Involved’ to learn about this great program!

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