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Visible Founders

Posted by Team APATA | Sep 12, 2023

Visible Founders is a first-of-its-kind documentary series that highlights entrepreneurs and their stories.

In the first season meet four enterprising individuals chasing their dreams whilst working against systemic odds.

Here at APATA we often link the skills and mindset of performing and creative artists to those in business. As Managing Director, Yolande Smith, states in an upcoming article for the September issue of the Education Resource Guide;

Performing arts education has started adopting courses in performing arts for students to develop entrepreneurial skills to power their creative pursuits that are not too dissimilar to business education. The creative is an entrepreneur, a self-starter who creates, takes risks, and seeks to bring audiences something new and exciting.

Entrepreneurship. Is it worth it?

The first episodes of Visible Founders asks the questions, ‘What might four entrepreneurs coming from diverse backgrounds have in common? And why is entrepreneurship still the best viable option in today’s uncertain environment? Is it worth it?


Visible Founders – Melbourne Premier

23 September 2023, 2:00 – 4:30pm. Cinema Nova, Carlton        |      GET TICKETS

Visible Founders – Sydney Premier

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This Series of  Visible Founders features:

Chirag Soni

It is one thing to have a dream and totally another to achieve it. Coming from a humble background, Chirag came to Australia with a dream. And he did something that many people miss.

Since migrating to Australia in 2006, Chirag has built a multi-million-dollar property portfolio. He believes that everyday people can build wealth and successfully transform their lives if they have the right coaching and support system, Soni Wealth.

Joseph Oliver Yap & Shimroth John Thomas

What started as a beach clean-up activity in the Philippines ended up becoming a sustainable startup journey. We meet Joseph and Shimroth to know why they are designing for meaning.

Joseph and Shimroth John Co-Founders ZeroTag, technology that aims to make reuse mainstream. Amongst many other individual achievements the pair are also Co-Founders of seaweed-based, compressible composite Phycoforms.

Deepa P. Mani

Deepa was in a 9-to-5 life like many others until a wave of unfortunate news within her family forced her to make a pivotal decision. What started as a creative outlet has now transformed into a journey, something beyond dancing.

Founder of Chandralaya School of Dance, Deepa is a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. Often traversing the lines between classical dance, business and community. The very essence of what every studio owner aims to be. Read Deepa’s APATA Member Spotlight.

Deepa will also be performing TOUCH at the Mebourne Fringe 04-07 October, merging ballet and Bharathanatyam with Sheena Chundi.

Visible Founders Series Credits

  • Director: Anand Tamboli
  • Assistant Director: Natalie Hua 
  • Producer: 3DOTS Studios
  • Co-Producer: Sangeeta Mulchandani

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