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Posted by Team APATA | Aug 31, 2023

TOUCH is a collaboration between two forms of dance, ballet and the Indian classical artform, Bharathanatyam.

Premiering at the Melbourne Fringe in October TOUCH demonstrates the power of merging cultures and the beauty and peace that can be achieved through respect, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Cross the seas of culture, community, and connection with Chandralaya and Rebel Stepz Arts through ‘TOUCH’.

Exploring the world through the eyes of two South Asian dancers, the audience will be taken on a unique journey that aims to melt away the barriers of division.

The two artists hail from similar cultural backgrounds, but the difference in their chosen art forms is bold. Through Ballet and Bharathanatyam, ‘TOUCH’ is hoping to dance upon a plain that still feels off-limits. The juxtaposition of both forms is both gentle and grand – and the story will unfold to tell its tale.

Created & Performed by:
Deepa Mani – Chandralaya
Sheena Chundee – Rebel Stepz Arts

See TOUCH at the Melbourne Fringe Festival

Dates: 04-07 October

Time: 6:00pm (60 minutes)

Venue: Dancehouse – Sylvia Staehli Theatre

Book Now via Melbourne Fringe.

The Creators:

Deepa ManiA South Asian Performing and Teaching Artist primarily trained in the Classical Indian (Bharathanatyam) and modern Contemporary art form(s). My practice includes full dance recitals, dance dramas, and experimental and collaborative creations with other art mediums. I believe passionately in the power of traditional dance to connect people with their heritage, sense of self, and inner creativity. Drawing from my cultural (South Asian) background, my art practice includes a great passion for storytelling weaving music, and movement to convey deep meaningful messages that are much needed in today’s modern times. @chandralayadance

Deepa Mani is also an APATA member. Read her Member Spotlight Article HERE. APATA is proud to partner with Chandralaya School of Dance for their Annual Showcase later this year as part of the 2023 APATA Performing Arts Partnership Program.

Sheena ChundeeA South Asian/Mauritian and African background Ballet Artist/ Choreographer who creates educational, and artistic community events and performances in keeping with organisational needs and goals. This includes developing works for global dance & corporate companies as well as community-based groups. Diversity is at the forefront of my projects, so I am often found collaborating with culturally diverse communities. Rebel Stepz Arts

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