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The Song Room – Victorian Teachers

Posted by APATA Team | May 19, 2020

Vic Teachers! The Department of Education & Training Victoria’s new series of music lessons are streaming live. Don’t miss out!! Register now.

You can participate in individual lessons, or schedule in the whole series to maximise musical progression and fun with music.

To see the full event program, head over to the department’s new digital learning directory at Arc. [Click Here for The Song Room Digital Hub Program]

The Song Room provides opportunities for Australian children to participate in music and the arts to enhance their education, personal development, and community involvement giving them the best possible start in life.

Independent research into the impact of participation by young people in The Song Room’s year-long Teaching Artist school program highlights the significant increases in education, social and personal development:

  • Higher school attendance – reduced absenteeism by over 65%
  • Improved academic outcomes – 1-year improvement in numeracy and literacy
  • Improved social-emotional wellbeing (SEWB) outcomes – reduced depression and anxiety, enhanced self-esteem, and improved school engagement.

The Song Room’s approach includes a combination of the evidence based Teaching Artist Program, the digital education program – ARTS:LIVE, community engagement, professional learning and mentoring for teachers, and evaluation and research. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of each school and community we work with.

ARTS:LIVE houses over 1,000 curriculum-aligned arts learning resources produced in partnership with expert artists and arts organisations. ARTS:LIVE plays a pivotal role in the professional development and mentoring of generalist teachers to build capacity within schools to teach the arts more confidently and to a higher standard.

The Song Room Teaching Artists build student confidence, self-esteem, and critical and creative thinking skills to develop the whole student and build engagement with school life. Literacy and numeracy skills are incredibly important, but it’s often music and arts where children find passion and curiosity. Participation in the arts and music helps to level the learning playing field for those students challenged by mainstream education expectations.

The Song Room’s programs are designed to close the education equity gap by providing the benefits of arts learning to all students regardless of their background or circumstance.

If you are interested in having The Song Room in your school call on 03 9521 3990.

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