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The Parsnip Ship – The Podcast Play Company

Posted by Team APATA | Sep 16, 2021

The Parsnip Ship was launched in Spring 2015 by Artistic Director and Host, Iyvon Edebiri, as a fun, passion project. Edebiri  and her team hoped to create a way to amplify new works by emerging playwrights and artists by bringing back a rarely produced form of theatre – radio plays.

The podcast play company plugs into bold artists for audiences who crave accessible stories and storytellers and has developed into a platform rooted in innovation, community development, and collaboration.

Through their work, The Parsnip Ship hope to revolutionise the way you hear theatre with live events and audio podcasts that are eclectic and transformative, creating communities in person and digitally.

Iyvon Edebiri is a Nigerian-American independent creative producer, company manager, and dramaturge hailing from Brooklyn, New York, she is also Director of Artistic Programs for Signature Theatre, launching a new residency program, line producing shows, and programming the Signature lobby.

Now in its fifth season of broadcasts, The Parsnip Ship re-imagines the concept of the radio play by specifically focusing on stories that differ in form, content, and plot by underproduced playwrights.

The series features new plays and new music performed live and released as a free podcast. This live event and podcast series highlights diverse voices in both theatre and music and brings awareness to inspiring artists.

No other theatrical company in the USA provides a free live event with this format, which includes the curation of live independent musicians and a personal interview with the playwright.

Recorded live every month in Brooklyn, The Parsnip Ship is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Parsnip Ship believes there are as many distinctive styles and voices as there are playwrights, and remain open to a wide range of plays that will engage audiences in an intimate setting and on a podcast format.

Besides the live broadcast and recorded radio plays, The Parsnip Ship runs:

  • The Parsnip Pop Up – an online community for artists,
  • The Parsnip Play Club – like a book club for in-progress plays where you receive the play 24 hours before an online video conference Q & A session with the playwright,
  • The Parsnip Happy Hour, a live virtual event series of artist showcases.

Supporting dynamic playwrights interested in re-engaging with playwriting through audio-focused storytelling Parsnip created the Radio Roots Writer’s Group. In addition to the bi-weekly writing sessions and dramaturgical support, Radio Roots includes a writers’ retreat for the playwrights and sessions with Foley artists to craft their new works.

In September 2020, the inaugural cohort of Radio Roots Writers’ Group was commissioned by MCC Theater in partnership with The Parsnip Ship to write a collaborative radio play called THIS IS WHERE WE GO. The six-part serial radio play premiered in December 2020.

LISTEN TO Edeberi discuss The Parsnip Ship with Yura Sapi HERE: Building Our Own Tables podcast episode hosted by Howl Round’s Yura Sapi, you’ll hear The Parsnip Ship’s Artistic Director, Iyvon Edebiri and her journey at the helm of The Parsnip Ship.

The whole concept of The Parsnip Ship is a fantastic approach to creating connection and innovation in times where it is just not possible to be face to face with an audience.

This could be a great idea for teachers, students, artists and collectives as a way to approach theatre production from a greatly untapped avenue of artistic realisation.

Writers, musicians, actors, Foley artists, audio engineering, direction, the possibilities are impressive. Check out the APATA Radio Play Pdf HERE for resources to help you create your own radio play.

Kudos to The Parsnip Ship, and get you ears listening to theatre!

WEBSITE: www.theparsnipship.com

INSTAGRAM: @theparsnipshipny

FACEBOOK: @theparsnipshipny

The Parsnip Ship is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.




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