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Posted by Team APATA | Sep 15, 2021

Have you heard of the 24 Hour Musical Project? Here is a rundown of how this magical musical journey goes…

  • Audition the show without anyone knowing what it is
  • Cast the show without anyone knowing their roles
  • 10 days out, announce a shortlist of 10 show titles, then…
  • Each day cross a show off the shortlist, until…
  • Announce the show, release the casting, and go straight into rehearsal for the next 24 hours straight
  • Curtain up and away we go!

The rehearsals are an adrenaline-fueled mad dash to the curtain. The performance is a unique experience; unpredictable and exhilarating for both the company and the audience.

Welcome to the fun and games of The 24 Hour Musical Project, a community fundraising venture based in Meanjin with currently just over two weeks before showtime on the 3rd of October.

The Project aims to connect people from different companies with different skills and experiences and help to build our community by working on an ambitious and creative challenge together.

Past productions include Cinderella; Kiss Me, Kate; The Witches of Eastwick; The Sound of Music and Starlight Express.

The short time span is the big advantage of the Project. Not only does it provide a unique challenge for the participants, but it means that people can do a show together without having to block out months of rehearsal time and can even squeeze it in between or during other commitments. It provides an opportunity for creative people to network, exchange ideas and work positively together.

Our community building goals extend to our audience too, with only one performance (and one not to be missed!) the theatre fills with familiar faces and potential new friends from throughout the local theatre community.

Profits from the Project are donated to local charities. Previous charity partners have included The Actors’ and Entertainers’ Benevolent Fund of Qld, Starlight Children’s Foundation, YES Arusha, Music for Refugees, CanTeen, The Orangutan Project and The Salvation Army.

The 24 Hour Musical Project produced Starlight Express in April earlier this year with the upcoming October show a “Do-Over” of the 2020 project that was cancelled due to lockdown.

You can see below how the schedule has run so far which makes for an exciting rollercoaster of emotions for the 24 Hour team and the chosen cast and crew.

Next Thursday is the announcement date for the shortlist of musicals which will be struck off in a countdown until 6pm 2nd October 2021. The players will then have a day of rehearsal – and Bob’s your uncle, a musical is born. OMG!

  • 23 September 2021 – Shortlist Released & Company Social
  • 2 October 2021 – Announcement & Rehearsals Begin
  • 6pm, 3 October 2021 – Showtime at St John’s Anglican College Performing Arts Centre in Forest Lake, QLD.

The 24 Hour Musical Project team who will masterfully guide the cast and crew through the craziness are:

  • Miranda Selwood – Director
  • Kym Brown – Musical Director
  • Taylor Davidson – Choreographer
  • Julie Eisentrager – Assistant Director
  • Danika Saal – Assistant Musical Director/Vocal
  • Sally Flint – Assistant Musical Director/Band
  • Izzie Radley – Assistant Choreographer
  • Laurene Cooper-Fox – Support & Comms Director

Join the shortlist countdown from 23 September on Facebook: @24hourmusical

Hop on the website to see if any further crew is needed: www.24hourmusical.com.au

In Meanjin? Hit the link below to book your tickets!



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