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Script & Scribe Creations – Have you joined the Scribe Tribe?

Posted by Team APATA | Jul 29, 2021

Have you joined the Scribe Tribe?

APATA Member Talia Rowley and the team at Script & Scribe Creations have a fantastic selection of scripts for performers of the future. “Beginning ‘the work’ with a good script can make a world of difference in auditions and castings, competitions and talents shows, self-tapes, show-reel scenes, scene work and the overall growth of a performer.”

By purchasing a script from Script & Scribe Creations you not only support Australian made content for students but 50cents from every downloadable script sold goes to The Smith Family.

We spoke to Talia earlier this year on the APATA Podcast: Listen to the “Do What You Love, love What You Do” episode.

Check out these offerings and head to Script & Scribe Creations for more!

  1. The Min Min Lights by Talia Rowley
    This dramatic duologue for performers aged 15-17 years old, calls upon the actor to make bold choices when analysing the script and identifying the given circumstances. Perfect for stage or screen.
    Synopsis: Set in the Australian outback town of Winton, cousins Abbey and Seth, discuss the likelihood of ever finding their missing grandfather. While Seth is certain dementia is to blame for his disappearance, Abbey thinks it could be something more sinister. After all, they are in the ‘Land of the Min Min Lights.’
  1. The Dog Walker by Talia Rowley
    This comedic monologue is suitable for 13-17 year olds well versed in both English and “Dog” – it’s a funny and problematic scene riddled with panic. Actors are encouraged to deliver this piece with high energy. It allows young performers to exercise their listening skills, vocal range and commitment. Paw-fect for screen or stage.
    Synopsis: Lou-Lou has just scored herself a part-time job as an experienced dog walker. The only problem is she has had no previous experience and may have told a white lie or two to get the gig. Now, it’s her first day on the job and she’s already lost the dog.


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