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Posted by APATA Published by Diversity Arts Australia | Oct 29, 2023

Who is the Toolkit for? 
People working in the creative sectors, including arts, screen and cultural organisations, government bodies, philanthropic organisations, policymakers, academics, researchers, educators, board members, activists, creatives and artists, and secondary and tertiary students and teachers.
The Project 
The Creative Equity Toolkit is an initiative of the British Council and Diversity Arts Australia, part of the INTERSECT partnership, a knowledge-exchange between Australia and the UK. The UK and Australia are both multi-ethnic societies with an under-representation of artists and creative practitioners from culturally diverse and Indigenous backgrounds. The Toolkit aims to support the work of cultural diversity and racial equity in the creative sectors between the UK and Australia. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT
The Team
Project Executive Producer: Lena Nahlous (Executive Director, Diversity Arts Australia)
Project Coordinator and Content Producer: Colin Ho (Stage Two)
Lead Writer & Project Producer: Monique Choy (Stage One)
Researchers: Anique Vered, Mounira Almenoar, Anna Denejkina, Hanifa Abdiraihan, Fotis Kapetopoulos, Gary Paramanthan
Additional Research Support: Rebecca Mostyn
British Council Australia: Helen Salmon (Director), Anna Hay (Arts and Programme Manager), Kate Murray (Senior Communications Manager)
Why build a toolkit?

Research consistently reveals how very Anglo-focused our creative industries remain. While many organisations know the value of cultural diversity in the arts, it’s not always easy to know how to create change. The Creative Equity toolkit is a digital platform of practical resources to help arts leaders, creative workers and practitioners and organisations take action on creating diversity in their sector. Creative Equity Toolkit will feature toolkits, guidebooks, directories and how-to instructions, along with links to research, case studies, and policy documents. The site adopts an instructional, hands-on conversational tone—something akin to a travel guidebook.

We want to see more culturally diverse actors, screen producers, published writers, musicians, visual artists, dancers, as well as more culturally diverse arts professionals in decision-making roles in Australia’s creative sectors. This requires organisational and structural change. In order to support organisations to make these changes, we are creating a website with links to available resources. However rather than providing a simple list of links, we are curating resources and providing reviews and interpretations on how and when they may be used, clustered around clear calls to action.


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