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Muffin Break cooks up a new award in partnership with Wakakirri

Posted by Muffin Break & Wakakirri | Aug 19, 2021

Wakakirri is Australia’s Largest Performing Arts Event for Schools with separate events for Primary, Secondary, Dance schools and schools in remote areas. Each year hundreds of schools across Australia create Story-Dances for Wakakirri that reflect student’s thoughts, ideas and aspirations.

The Wakakirri Story-Dance Festival has provided an accessible opportunity for Australian schools to perform in professional theatres and share their stories for over 29 years. Since 2018, Muffin Break has been a major partner of Wakakirri to give back to the community and help more schools be part of the experience.

Involvement in the arts has wide ranging benefits for young people, both in and out of the classroom. However, schools from disadvantaged communities, which arguably have the most to gain from arts opportunities, often have barriers to access.

With the support of Muffin Break, the Wakakirri Donation Program helps schools from low socio-economic areas to participate in the performing arts.

In 2021, through the ongoing partnership between Muffin Break & Wakakirri, Muffin Break are proud to announce they will be presenting a new award, the National Raising Awareness Award.

Natalie Brennan, General Manager of Muffin Break mentions “We are honoured to continue supporting our local schools and communities across the country and to present the National Raising Awareness Award in 2021. We are firm believer’s in raising awareness of community issues and supporting schools to do so”.

This Award recognises a school for their Wakakirri Story-Dance and their community work to effectively raise awareness about an important community issue.

“Great stories inspire change. A Wakakirri Story-Dance allows students to share their points of view and raise community awareness about the issues they are most passionate about, resulting in a feeling of empowerment to create real change. We are thrilled to be launching the National Raising Awareness Award with Muffin Break which recognises the efforts of schools that excel in this area.” Adam Loxley, Wakakirri Festival Director adds.

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