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Join The Australian Youth Orchestra

Posted by APATA Published By Australian Youth Orchestra | Jun 8, 2024

Since 1948 the Australian Youth Orchestra has trained, empowered and inspired young musicians across Australia as leaders, thinkers and artists through music education and performance experiences. With an international reputation and one of the world’s leading training organisations for young pre-professional musicians, the Australian Youth Orchestra has been developing musicians across Australia as one of the nations’ eight leading arts training organisations (Arts 8) preparing young people for careers in the arts sector which contributes $122.3 billion to the economy annually.

The Australian Youth Orchestra’s vision is that all young Australians are empowered with musical knowledge, imagination and a love of music. Led by Kimbali Harding, Chief Executive Officer and Nicky Gluch, Artistic Coordinator the team at the Australian Youth Orchestra believe that an inclusive and collaborative culture underpins excellence in the performing arts and where equity, diversity and inclusion are considered essential to the continued success of the Australian Youth Orchestra.

Nurtured within the Australian Youth Orchestra’s musical landscape that brings together exceptional artists, tutors and young musicians from across the nation to nurture gifted young instrumentalists from school-aged musicians to those on the verge of a professional career, appplications are now open welcoming aspiring young musicians to become part of the Australian Youth Orchestra family.

For the first time, the Australian Youth Orchestra will waive the application fee for applicants who identify as First Nations. The Australian Youth Orchestra is committed to ensuring that all eligible musicians are able to participate in their programs regardless of financial and geographic circumstance. A generous financial assistance program is available to support participants offset the program fees and travel costs associated with attending Australian Youth Orchestra programs, or to put it another way, if you have the talent, you are eligible for their programs.

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