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Iceworks Design relaunches The Emerging Designers Program for 2022.

Posted by Team APATA | May 5, 2022

Iceworks Design is excited to announce the return of The Emerging Designers program for 2022.

The Program is a 4-week paid internship where three designers will collaborate and create with the design and build team at Brisbane’s Iceworks Design.

Iceworks Design Founder Jason Raft, believes the program is essential to ensuring young designers are receiving practical industry knowledge. 

“In a four week period, we bring three complete strangers, from three completely different backgrounds together”, he said.

“We give them some leadership, direction, a brief, and access to the skill base available within Iceworks Design, and by the end of the program the ED’s presentations were mind blowing.” 

The Emerging Designers Team will undertake a production design project mentored by Iceworks’ – design, project and build teams.

Providing the ED’s with experience across the entire scope of commercial production design. From initial brief, concept work ups, research and build methodologies through to construction plans, pricing and presentation.

The Emerging Designers Program Aim

  • IWD aim to showcase these Emerging Designers & support them as they take their first steps into our industry.
  • Presenting them with challenges to encourage creative thinking, not just about design but collaboration, time management and communication.
  • These core skills are fundamental to working in our environment and IWD want the successful Emerging Designers to be equipped with the right tools for the job.

“It gives me a lot of faith in the fact that, given the right direction, given the right opportunity, this industry will thrive.” 

“We had a huge amount of kids coming to us out of university wanting work experience but having little or no understanding of production design. So I thought we may as well bite the bullet and do it ourselves.” said Jason.

We just have to put aside what wethought’ was the right way to do things, and start to engage in a different way.” 

Applications are now open for The Emerging Designers program 2022 and will close 20 May for a 4 July start.
iceworks design's Frances Story with emerging designers and Tracy Grant Lord.
Frances Story with ED-Lumni and renowned Theatre Production Designer Tracy Grant Lord.

Top tips for applicants!

Iceworks’ Creative Designer, Gavin Hampstead says,

  1. “Learn fast how to be a team player. It may be your design, but collaboration can make good things become great things.”
  2. “There’s no luxury of moving a deadline in our industry. Time management is definitely one key thing I’ve learned”.

The ‘Who are You?’ resumes are also crucial! That is your chance to express who you are. Remember folks, this is a design mentorship and creativity is key. There are some great examples of previous ‘Who Are You?’ resumes in the Emerging Designers application pack.

Jason explains one resume that stood out  in a previous ED intake, “On the front page of one in particular there were three different CD covers and three different songs, and they asked us to listen to one of those songs while we read through the resume. It was really lovely experience looking through their ‘Who Are You?’ resume listening to one song , and then going through it again for the next two songs”.

This is your chance to not only think outside the box, but forget the box entirely!

The Emerging Designers Program Overview


  • The designers start the program by studying the brief developed by the Iceworks Design team.
  • Pulling it apart and breaking it down to research and concept develop tasks to solve the brief.
  • Designers must collaborate, learning the strengths and weaknesses of each other to accurately assess and schedule their time whilst developing a project management methodology for their project.


  • Designers will work on developing their initial concepts further.
  • The Iceworks team will help assess the concepts and guide The Emerging Designers in a direction that answers the brief.


  • With the concepts in development the designers will meet with a construction manager that will assess their design and offer advice on build, materials and labour.


  • The designers will finalise their design and present to the team at Iceworks.
  • The design will be reviewed and industry feedback will be offered to emulate a real world scenario.
VISIT www.theemergingdesigners.com today to register for an application pack for the July 2022 intake.

A little bit more…

Meet one more of the Iceworks Design team that successful applicants will be working with – Senior Designer Frances Story (nee Hannaway).

Frances features on an episode of the APATA Podcast sharing how she successfully combines her passion for dance with design done right!

There really are no boundaries for Iceworks Design working across television, theatre and everything in between. The team can bring your project from thought bubble, through to design, build and delivery.

Website: www.iceworksdesign.com

Facebook: @iceworksdesign

Instagram: @iceworksdesign

The Emerging Designers Program:

Applications close 20 May 2022.

Apply now for the 4 July Intake –  www.theemergingdesigners.com

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