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Gold Moves Australia

Posted by Team APATA | Oct 8, 2020

Hey dance educators! It has been a wacky year hasn’t it? What has changed for your studio? If you are back in the studio have you diversified to boost your numbers and reach out to more people? Is your studio age-inclusive? Older Australians are young at heart and mature age dance is becoming more and more popular. Not only are the mental, physical and social benefits proving themselves time and time again, but the difference dance makes for those with Parkinson’s & Dementia, or recovery and rehabilitation issues is two-fold.

We met with Gail Hewton last year, facilitator and founder of RIPE Dance – because dance really is for everyone. Gail led two classes the day  we visited and her students were mature lovely humans who couldn’t enthuse enough about the joy and mobility that dance had given them.

    RIPE Dance Participants 2019

At the time, Gail, who has 40 years professional dance experience as an educator and practitioner, in partnership with fellow dancer, educator and community development worker Julie Chenery, were working on Gold Moves Australia and this is what Gail had to say and we are so glad to see their online launch taking place this week with a ZOOM party!!

GOLD Moves Australia is working to make dance accessible to all older people by increasing the number of practitioners offering dance. They offer professional development, mentoring, networking and resources for dance, fitness, health and care practitioners. Become effective and confident in leading dance for older people in a range of settings and grow your business and create a wider community for you and your practise to be a part of.

Gold Moves Australia believes ” If 1 practitioner can enhance the lives of 100 older people, then for every 100 practitioners GMA supports, the lives of 10,000 older people can be enhanced.”

The smiles and freedom of movement we witnessed at RIPE Dance is testimony to the foundation of Gold Moves Australia and we hope you take the time to learn more and reach out to Gail and Julie. Enhance your journey and make gold moves!!

Monday 9 November 2020 GMA Chew the Fat ZOOM gathering: goldmovesaustralia.com.au/events/

Website: goldmoves.com.au

Facebook: @goldmovesaustralia


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