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Future Focused and a bit of fun: Articles and videos to get you thinking

Posted by Team APATA | Dec 16, 2021

No one has a crystal ball to see into the future but we have gathered a few thought provoking and inspiring items that made an impact on us in 2021.

Something we gleaned from a discussion with APATA member: actor, producer and educator Emma Louise Pursey this year was that we need to be master learners and that “Staying openminded and staying humble and curious is essential.” Thanks Emma! Here’s to always learning.

Visions about Higher Education in the Performing Arts: A Multi-Perspective from Eastern-Central Europe

Panna Adorjáni asks the question, “What makes a good university? How can universities prepare young performing arts workers for a field that seems both straightforward and immensely unsure? How can universities empower students to become active players and generators of change in their field, both in an aesthetic and a structural sense?”

Speaking with people within the performing arts industry Adorjáni begins to piece together a picture of ‘a good enough university.’

Public Access Archives: The End of the Theatre Industry 

Taylor Lamb and Sabine Decatur share a collection of “artifacts” from an envisioned future that includes breaking away from the industrial theatre complex, climate change reality and cultural community change. “The hundreds of artifacts contained in this collection represent the period of profound change in the theatre industry beginning in 2021. Included are emails, letters, social media posts, and more that trace the many impulses and actions that led to collective liberation from the oppressive and exploitative structures that defined the theatre field in “America” for many years. [*Note: contains the use of adult language]

De-colonizing Classrooms: What image does a Eurocentric classroom conjure up for Indigenous students?

Stefanie Marotta’s article, though coming from a Canadian perspective, shares work and ideas in Canadian classrooms that reflect that of organisations like Know Your Country and Reconciliation Australia, along with First Nations-led educational companies like Wingaru Education and Koori Curriculum.

Quoting Debbie Lunny (co-founder of the Decolonizing Pedagogies Group) “The miseducation around history has had a profound impact on settler-Indigenous relations,” Lunny says. “To get over our own settler ignorance, we have to first get ourselves out of the way.”

I am not a dancer, and this is why – Elena Lambrinos , TEDxNewtown

Elena Lambrinos is a dance educator, researcher, and advocate who joined us on the APATA Podcast in the lead up to the online dance education conference Disrupt Dance Summit which Lambrinos founded.

Speaking with Elena and watching this TedxNewtown talk made such an impact on us and we are terribly grateful to have connected with her this year.

Circus and Autism – difference, creativity, community- Dr Kristy Seymour, TEDxHelensvaleLibrary

Another amazing connection from 2021 is Dr Kristy Seymour, Circus educator, researcher and advocate and founder of Circus Stars the circus school for kids with Autism.

Dr Seymour joined us on the APATA Podcast and we were blown away by her dedication to emboldening neuro diverse children and young people through circus arts.

Gabul Wudhabagu by Weir State School, QLD 

Winning a 2021 Wakakirri Reconciliation Award for their Video Story-Dance Gabul Wudhabagu (Carpet Snake Journey) Weir State School’s performance was one of the stand outs from the Wakakirri 2021 Showcase.

Gamu (Water) Gubal creates vibrations and ripples in the water upon awakening. Galba Giba (River track) Gabul emerges from the sacred water hole and begins his journey. Mariga (Corroboree)A celebration dance of all the animals from the landscape. Congratulations to APATA member Julie Wilson and the students from Weir State School!!

Double Double Culture: Sacred Heart School Fitzroy

Telstra Aria Music Teacher of the Year – Zoë Barry, featured on the APATA Podcast joining Tahli Corin from Threshold to discuss the at home theatre experience Mountain Goat Mountain and their journeys in performing arts. Watching Zoë’s work with the students at Fitzroy’s Sacred Heart School with the video Double Double Culture, its easy to see why the Arias chose Zoë.

Double Double Culture is a celebration of student experiences and a real joy to watch.

UNBOUND – Resistance. Recovery. Ground breaking Ballet – an OTOXO documentary 

Excited to watch this documentary due for release in 2022: “A gender fluid ballet insurgent leads a courageous group of dancers – survivors of industry abuse, in their struggle to reclaim the stage. To succeed, they must start from nothing, defy the critics, fight past traumas, and find the self belief to dance once more with defiance and joy.” www.otoxoproductions.com

Watch trailer: https://vimeo.com/551561655/dee9cfadba

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