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Festival of Voices

Posted by Festival of Voices | Apr 21, 2022

Tasmania’s Festival of Voices returns for 2022

For nearly twenty years the Festival of Voices has attracted singers to Tasmania in what is known as Australia’s premiere celebration of the voice.

Encouraging audience participation during this winter festival’s two week duration,  it is no wonder over 30,000 people put it on their to-do list. Especially those of us who love to sing and be a part of choirs and ensemble singing.

Limelight Magazine’s Hugh Robertson spoke with Choral Curator, Joan Wright where she shares how the festival has evolved since 2005 and what we can expect this July. While also  acknowledging the benefits of singing in schools. Read the limelight article HERE: Festival of Voices Announces Program

“I think so many schools underestimate the value of including singing as one of the most important aspects of their programs. I was fortunate to be in a school where the Principal’s aim was to have everyone involved in singing. Skills acquired through singing are transferred to instrumental groups…I could go on and on about the value of singing and its impact on every other subject.”

Jacques Launay, Postdoctoral Researcher in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, says “Group singing not only helps forge social bonds, it also does so particularly quickly, acting as an excellent icebreaker. We’ve also shown that community singing is effective for bonding large groups, making it an ideal behaviour to improve our broader social networks. This is particularly valuable in today’s often alienating world, where many of our social interactions are conducted remotely via Facebook and Twitter.” 

Read more about the benefits of choir in his article: Choir singing improves health, happiness – and is the perfect icebreaker.

What’s on at Festival of Voices 2022?

WHEN: 1-10 July 2022

Young Tasmania Sings – featuring over 600 young performers from schools across the state.

The Singers Lounge – Between major choral events and performances by cabaret artists, actors, jazz and contemporary singers from around Australia and overseas, festival goers head to The Singers Lounge where the stage is open and the space is welcome to all who love to sing.

Choirs in the Community; Pop Up Events – By day there are the dozens of pop-up choir performances in and around the streets and public spaces of Hobart and surrounds. Many of these are performed by visiting choirs who come to the festival especially to sing at this event!

Chorale Finale Concert  – where all the workshop participants get to showcase their voices in a major spine tingling concert featuring over 400 performers.

VISIT: festivalofvoices.com for more details and make your plans to lift your voice and sing.

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