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Posted by Team APATA | May 25, 2023

We were delighted to have the opportunity to provide an editorial for the 2023 biannual publication of the Education Australia Resource Guide in March and the next edition in September.

Working in conjunction with state and federal funding in order to improve the education sector, Education Australia Resource Guide informs institutions about what funding is available, where to access this, and provides and connects the education sector to the latest news, products and services within our industry.

It is essential for schools and universities to have information, knowledge and resources as they progress through infrastructure and improve the learning environment.

For example education and course facilitators such as Berry Street Education Model. Berry Street teaches trauma-informed, positive education strategies which inform schools like Sacred Heart Primary (Fitzroy), and the work of Zoë Barry, 2021 Telstra Aria Music Teacher of the Year.

Not to mention the Indigenous education pathways of Aurora Education Foundation and the 5-year RISE program. A project that will enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students to define and pursue their version of success with academic, cultural and wellbeing support.

Beyond the organisations delivering educational support to teachers and schools, there are camps, hands-on learning providers, facility enhancements and products like Thrust Floors’ sprung flooring, perfect for performing arts.

If you aren’t currently receiving the guide in digital or hard copy format direct to your school EA has 5,000 copies to hand out at this year’s EduTech, Australasia’s largest annual education expo, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in August.

Thank you to Education Australia Resource Guide for providing a platform for businesses and voices supporting education in Australia. Check our article below!

APATA article in the 2023 March issue, Education Australia Resource Guide

The Benefits of Performing Arts Education. 

Throughout history, the performing arts have played a central role in human civilisation as it allows us to understand and communicate our emotions, history, stories, and place.

In today’s modern education setting, the performing arts often incorporate dance, drama, and music. These arts-rich programs have reported benefits in both achievement and social-emotional outcomes with increased reading, language and mathematics development, higher-order thinking skills and capabilities, motivation to learn, and improved social behaviour.

APATA has spoken with a plethora of performing arts educators over the past few years, asking them to share the first words that come to mind when describing performing arts. Words like endless possibilities, borderless thinking, playfulness, curiosity, vibrancy, authenticity, vulnerability, originality, challenge, connection, spirituality, and courage led the responses.

As teachers, educators, trainers and coaches in the performing arts, it is crucial to understand our daily contribution to the fabric of society. Beyond the walls of our classrooms, studios, rehearsal spaces, and stages, students will carry a unique set of skills into everyday life, regardless of career direction and ambition.

The performing arts provide the opportunity for students to explore collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, imagination, communication, agility, and empathy.

The performing arts play a key role in assisting not only in understanding the world in which one inhabits but the ability to express and make sense of one’s experience and the experience of others…

Education Australia Resource Guide

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