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Educating Our Future: The APATA National Educator Questionnaire

Posted by Team APATA | Aug 19, 2021

The past 18-months has seen our performing arts community, adapt and adjust to ever-changing circumstances – uncertainty, isolation, and social and economic disruption across the nation.

The APATA National Educator Questionnaire is our first request for community participation and importantly, will become an annual platform to hear your voice and what is most important for our educators working across all areas of education in the performing arts.

Our key focus for our first annual questionnaire is to seek your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions across the following:

  • Professional Development
  • Mentorship
  • Concerns regarding the future of performing arts education (e.g., curriculum, working in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; effect on programming, services, and business; or anything else you may wish to raise that has been your experience)

By sharing information, difficulties, challenges and needs, we will continue to capture and grow our understanding of how people from diverse backgrounds in performing arts education understand, participate, educate, and value the arts. Our journey over the past 18-months and our conversations with members has highlighted the power of arts education and creativity, and to connect has never been more important.

The team at APATA has developed this questionnaire to protect identity, keeping the process user-friendly so participants can voice their requirements with no judgement – ten (10) targeted questions to measure overall concerns, need, and a measure of attitude and opinion.

Thank you in advance for your contributions and insights. We look forward to receiving your feedback and thoughts.

Please note the opportunity to respond and provide input will close on Thursday 30 September.


Yes, a chance to share my voice! Click HERE to complete The APATA National Educator Questionnaire

or copy link: https://forms.gle/BeS4EBXLoHfa7npw6


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