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Drama for Learning: Two Part Workshop Series with Patrice Baldwin

Posted by Team APATA | Feb 2, 2022

Patrice Baldwin, Drama for Learning Trainer, Advisor, Speaker and Writer is recognised internationally, as an expert in Drama for Learning and is committed to its development in schools believing all teachers can benefit from knowing and using drama strategies.

Drama as a teaching method and learning medium has its roots in dramatic play but can be used effectively with children, young people, and adults of any age. Drama’s associated strategies and conventions can be mastered by teachers, as pedagogical tools, helping to scaffold children’s thinking, inter-thinking, and talk.

Understand how to create a powerful pedagogy in your school and classroom with Patrice Baldwin’s Two-Part Drama for Learning Workshop Series proudly presented in partnership with APATA – the Australian Performing Arts Teachers Association.

Don’t miss the chance to learn valuable classroom strategies from a global leader in the field of Primary Drama Education.


PART ONE – Getting Started with ‘Drama for Learning’ – The Basics

This course is for teachers and theatre educators who want to find out how to use Drama as a teaching and learning medium confidently, with whole classes in primary schools.   Participants will receive guidance on how to negotiate a ‘Drama Contract’ with their class. Some key drama strategies will then be explained and examples given, of how and when to use them.  A primary drama lesson will be presented and deconstructed, with the main learning opportunities and intentions explained, a step at a time. The shifting roles and functions of the teacher  at various points during the lesson will be considered, with particular reference to the use of Teacher-in Role.

WHEN: Tuesday 15 March, 7pm AEDT (Syd/Melb/Hob/ACT) / UK 8am GMT

  • Learn how to negotiate a Drama Contract with your class.
  • Twelve key drama strategies.
  • Gain step by step understanding of the main learning opportunities and intentions of a primary drama lesson.
  • Understand the shifting roles and functions of the teacher at various points during the lesson.
  • Choose when and where to use Teacher-in-Role
  • APATA Members Free /Non-Members $75.00 each session, bookings essential to access these two separate workshops. Not a member? Join us: HERE


Patrice Baldwin is a rarity. She is one of the few primary drama experts left in this country and quite possibly the most experienced and effective drama primary teacher. Teachers on her courses, come away feeling more confident and with a broader repertoire. Her work is excellent!” Pie Corbett, UK

PART TWO – Using Drama for Oracy

This course will help teachers and theatre educators learn how Drama Strategies can be intentionally selected and used as ‘Talk Frames’, in ways that can help children to develop their oracy skills across the curriculum. Drama strategies offer various configurations, groupings and opportunities for children to talk, listen and respond, (both in and out of role).  Well sequenced strategies can also be used to develop a whole class drama, within which there are reasons for talking in various ways, to responsive listeners.  A primary drama lesson will be  presented in steps, with the oracy opportunities highlighted and explained.

WHEN: Tuesday 29 March, 6pm AEDT (Syd/Melb/Hob/ACT) / UK 8am GMT +1

  • Select intentional drama strategies to use as Talk Frames.
  • Develop children’s oracy skills across curriculum.
  • Create opportunities for children to talk, listen and respond.
  • Develop a whole class drama with well-sequenced drama strategies.
  • Recognise oracy opportunities in a primary drama lesson.
  • APATA Members Free /Non-Members $75.00 each session, bookings essential to access these two separate workshops. Not a member? Join us: HERE

Absolutely brilliant! Patrice’s course opened doors for colleagues which they would not have believed possible. In everything she does, she walks delegates through the materials, and discusses the impact this has on children’s learning. She uses drama conventions to create opportunities for pupils to secure their learning in new and deeper ways.” Mary Myatt


  • Teacher trainer (ITT, INSET, CPD)
  • An internationally acclaimed Drama for Learning expert
  • International Conference Speaker and Workshop leader
  • Author
  • A Director of the Council for Subject Associations (CfSA)
  • Director of Drama for Learning and Creativity (D4LC)


Patrice Baldwin has been a Primary Headteacher, LA Arts Education Adviser and Adviser for Creative and Cultural Learning, School Improvement Partner and Ofsted inspector. She was Sir Jim Rose’s Primary Drama Editorial Expert for a proposed National Curriculum for England (2010) and Primary Drama Subject Leader for the government funded online Oak National Academy, (2019-21). She created and directed Drama for Learning and Creativity (D4LC).

Patrice was Chair of National Drama for 12+ years and President of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) from 2010-2013. She has presented at Drama Education conferences across the world, most recently in Canada, Singapore, Australia, Argentina and Uruguay. She was Cultural Leader for Brock University, Canada (2014). She is a visiting lecturer at several universities.

Patrice was a BBC Education scriptwriter and Drama consultant and is author of several including ‘Teaching Literacy Through Drama’ (with Kate Fleming), ‘With Drama in Mind’, ‘The Primary Drama Handbook’, ‘School Improvement Through Drama’ and ‘Inspiring Writing Through Drama’ (with Rob John).

Now working freelance, Patrice provides online and ‘face to face’ training for teachers and theatre educators and she writes regularly for various Drama, Theatre and Education magazines.

Website: www.patricebaldwin.net

Facebook: @inspiringprofessionaldevelopment

“We were really amazed by the way you did your workshop. You had a wonderful process (for) drama and you were very pedagogical and generous with your ideas, sharing how you were thinking when you made your pedagogical and dramatic choices! You were also very open about how you structured your work and that is a great source for learning.” Elsa Szatek, Lecturer in Drama Education University of Gävle, Sweden


  • Bookings are essential for each workshop! View the individual workshop event pages HERE
  • APATA Members FREE / Non-Members $75.00 each session, bookings are essential for access. Not a member? Join us and save today.
  • ZOOM workshop access details will be provided in a follow up email once booking is confirmed.
  • Make the most of this opportunity to learn from one of the foremost voices in primary drama education by attending both Part One and Part Two to ensure success in applying Drama for Learning in your school and classroom.
  • All event communication is directed to the email address of the person who made the booking, unless otherwise advised. *

*Please note for this ZOOM workshop, if you have booked a ticket on behalf of/or for someone else you will need to advise us of their name and email address via events@apata.com.au to ensure they receive all relevant event communication up to, and on event day to avoid them missing out.


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