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Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Posted by Jennifer (Jenn) Hampstead | Jan 17, 2021

It was while working as an acting teacher and scouring scripts for relevant content her students could relate to, that Talia Rowley realised that maybe if you want something done you have to do it yourself. Meet Talia Rowley, Founder and Chief Writer of Script & Scribe Creations delivering Australian scripts for Australian kids with themes and language we can all relate to.


Talia had tried it all when it came to extra-curricular activities but her mum was adamant that she just needed to find that one thing, that spark that would ignite the amazing fire she had inside her. What was that one thing? Acting of course.

Taking classes at the Australian School of Performing Arts, Film and Television (ASPAFTV) Talia instantly found that fire. Graduating with a Bachelor of Film and Screen from Griffith University and a Diploma in Screen Acting from Screenwise Talia’s journey then came full circle, returning to her first acting school as a teacher.

Writing hundreds of scripts for her students to utilise in the classroom Talia unknowingly setting her off on her future path and what would lead to Script and Scribe Creations which launched October 2020.

“For young people here in Australia doing courses and acting there was no material that was relevant for what they were facing here and the kind of challenges they were experiencing even in terms of the rhythm in which we speak. The challenge was finding stuff that was challenging and age appropriate and relevant to different age groups and being able to provide all of that in a one stop shop that teachers, parents and students knew would be exactly what they needed. It took a while but that’s where it started, from just wanting to provide that resource.”

Talia also has a team or young writers helping her build the Script & Scribe catalogue. Her energy and passion for what they do is evident and for teachers and students heading back to the studio and school wanting to learn more check out scriptandscribecreations.com.au

Facebook: scriptandscribecreations

Instagram: scriptandscribecreations

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