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Circus Arts Australia’s Aerial Foundations Coaching Course

Posted by Circus Arts Australia | Aug 14, 2023

The Aerial Foundations Coaching Course is an introduction into learning how to teach Level 1 Aerial Curriculum to participants aged from 6 years through to adults.

The aim of this course is to educate coaches who would like to start to specialise in aerial coaching on safety, spotting, conditioning exercises on the floor and on the apparatus, warm-ups and cool-downs as well as lesson planning and leading and supervising an aerial class or group.

The course will take place at Circus Arts massive indoor venue. Participants will get to train on a variety of apparatus such as silks, lyra and trapeze, and will focus on skill development and sequences that can be taught to participants at the start of their aerial journey.

There are 8 outcomes that our Aerial Foundations Coaching Course will focus on:

  1. Teaching safety rules and equipment safety
  2. Effective warm up activities and games
  3. Leading group stretches
  4. Floor Conditioning Exercises
  5. Apparatus Conditioning Exercises
  6. Teaching foundational skills on trapeze, silks and lyra
  7. Teaching a sequence / routine
  8. Lesson Planning for a term

Aerial Foundations candidates will be working with a qualified coach for the duration of the training phase of this course. The goal is to gain confidence and experience leading an Aerial group, and to learn and implement safe, positive, inclusive and fun activities.

BOOK NOW – Spots are limited for this Coaching Course!


Upcoming Date: 21 October 2023

Location: Circus Arts Byron Bay, 17 Centennial Circuit, Arts 7 Industry Park, Byron Bay.

Coach: Tanya Bilaniwskyi

Cost: $240

Skill Level: Prior Knowledge is required | Ages 14+

Timetable: 12:30 – 4:30

As part of APATA’s 2023 Performing Arts Partnership Program, we are proud to partner with Circus Arts Australia as they actively contribute towards the cultural fabric of our nation’s performing arts leadership through excellence in circus arts education, developing future coaches, trainers and educators.


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