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CApture Film Festival

Posted by APATA Published By NSW Arts Unit | Jun 8, 2024

CApture Film Festival is a celebration of creativity and inspiration designed to spotlight students’ remarkable talents in Years 9, 10 and 11. The festival is not just about showcasing films; it’s about nurturing the future of storytelling through the power of the lens.

The NSW Department of Education, Arts Unit, provides opportunities for NSW students and teachers to teach, learn and lead in creative, performing and literature and language arts. The aims of the Arts Unit is to promote the growth, connection and inclusion of the arts through a variety of settings, providing inspiring arts opportunities for students in the state of NSW. The program has been developed to reduce the impact of disadvantage and enriching school communities across the state.

The Arts Unit program explores programs across dance, drama, music, visual arts, debating, public speaking, spelling, literary arts, film and special events from kindergarten to year 12 age groups. The Arts Unit also provides targeted professional learning to support teachers’ delivery of high-quality arts education, strengthening trust and respect for the teaching profession and school support staff. Core activities include festivals and performances, ensembles, exhibitions, camps and workshops, competitions and challenges, digital resources and teacher professional learning.

Applications are now open for the 2024 CApture Film Festival. The signature item this year for the festival is ‘BOX’. Final submission date for films is Friday 27 September 2024 with the film festival to be held in November 2024.


If your film is selected for the CApture Film Festival, it will be shown at a premiere and also be part of an on-demand showcase hosted on The Arts Unit’s website. All participating students are encouraged to dress like stars for the red carpet walk on the night of the premiere.

Schools can participate in the festival as a class entry or submit films created by individual students or groups of students. There are no fees to participate; schools are eligible to submit multiple films and must adhere to the guidelines listed on this page.

To enter CApture:

  1. Use the Enter your film form to enter your films.
  2. Submit your completed films via the Hightail upload link provided and scripts via the application form.
  3. Sign your Authority to publish form (talent release) and keep it at school.

Film submitting protocols

All films should be in .mp4 format, 1920 x 1080 (landscape), 25fps and submitted via the Film festivals application form.

Sound levels in films need to maintain a consistent level. Films with sound levels that are distorted or disturbing to an audience cannot be accepted. This includes children screaming and poorly recorded speech that is difficult to understand.

Selection of films

Films may be selected to reflect the greater participation of submitting schools. Judges’ selections will include variety and originality, among other considerations and all decisions are final.

The following will be considered when viewing films:

  • originality
  • cinematography
  • technical elements
  • design elements
  • storyline
  • student performances.

Films may include action, comedy, drama, fantasy, mystery, romance, thriller, documentaries, mockumentaries, animation, stop motion and digital storytelling.

Successful films:

  • are entertaining to a broad audience
  • are clear in their purpose, narrative and structure
  • use effective editing techniques
  • have a quality sound recording where levels are consistent, there is no feedback, distortion, or wind interference and all dialogue is clear and audible
  • are creative and collaborative.

Film criteria

All films submitted should:

  • be between 3 and 5 minutes in duration
  • be age appropriate and conform to a PG rating
  • be appropriate to the skill level of the participating students
  • only include students’ first names in the credits
  • be original works created in accordance with copyright laws
  • represent the department’s values and beliefs
  • be created by NSW Department of Education teachers and/or students
  • have a script submitted
  • include a poster to advertise the film that has been made
  • include the signature item ‘box’
  • have had participants sign an Authority to publish form (talent release).

To learn more about the 2024 CApture Film Festival and prepare an entry – CLICK HERE

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