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Are you ok?

Posted by Team APATA | Mar 17, 2020

What’s happening with you? Are you ok?

The entertainment industry is being hit hard due to recent unprecedented events. Closures, cancellations and postponements of major events and festivals as well as the shutdown of more intimate small gig venues and theatres and with schools up next on the agenda. We are in a unique downturn of social gatherings that would normally require a multitude of production staff and casual crews to make these events happen. How are you going? How is your dance school, theatre company, festival staff etcetera coping?

Currently a campaign being run by ilostmygig.net.au is aiming to quantify the scale and impact of event cancellations & postponements on the creative industries across Australia and New Zealand. A spokesman for ILMG said, “The responses we have had over the weekend have ranged from musicians, comedians, production technicians and hospitality services, to make-up artists, tour managers, publicists and staging. The ripple effect will only continue as more events, conferences, festivals and shows are cancelled in coming weeks.”

Leading peak bodies are working together to develop coordinated responses and initiatives focused on supporting workers experiencing unprecedented income loss as a result of extensive event cancellations. Key organisations are meeting with Government tomorrow to discuss emergency funding support for workers and companies in our industry.

Ilostmygig.net.au continues to tally these losses and encourages any sole traders and small-to-medium businesses impacted by event cancellations to record the impact by logging jobs lost on the site.

If you or someone you know needs support, there is help available:

Support Act Helpline: 1800 959 500

Lifeline Hotline: 13 11 14 or text their helpline on 0477 13 11 14

CrewCare.org.au whose aim is to improve the welfare of production and allied industries directs all donations and fundraised monies through the Support Act Roadies Fund
so crew can have access to crisis relief and well being services.

We need a little sunshine after all the grey!



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