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APPC 2024: Beyond the Notes

Posted by APATA Published by APPC 2024 | Nov 19, 2023

The next APPC will be held at Monash University in Melbourne from 8-12 July 2024.

Beyond the Notes is an opportunity to expand and invigorate professional practice as pianists, musicians and teachers by exploring creative, imaginative and embodied approaches to developing pianism and musicianship, to approaching repertoire, and to fostering students’ creative agency. The conference will explore unjustly neglected areas of the repertoire, learn about holistic and sustainable approaches to piano playing, and share ways of building inclusive teaching practices to support students of all ages and levels.

An array of exceptional speakers, presenters and performers will share their research, experience and artistry through keynote presentations, masterclasses, workshops, concerts, discussions and lecture-recitals.

Call for Papers & Presentations

The conference committee invites proposals for scholarly and practitioner papers, workshops, presentations and lecture-recitals for APPC 2024 ‘Beyond the Notes’. Applicants are encourages to submit proposals that address one or more of the following areas of focus. These are intended to spark and focus ideas and not to be restrictive – welcoming all proposals that expand and deepen our understandings and practices of piano pedagogy.

  1. The creative pianist: supporting and fostering creativity across the lifespan through piano pedagogy; integrating improvisation and composition into piano teaching; developing imaginative and embodied approaches to piano playing and to the study of repertoire; embodied and imaginative approaches to the development of pianistic and musical expertise.
  2. The inclusive teacher: developing holistic, inclusive and culturally responsive teaching practices to support and nurture the musical development of all students; sharing diverse perspectives, repertoire, practices and approaches.
  3. The explorative pianist: illuminating new or unjustly neglected composers and areas of the piano repertoire (solo, chamber, concerto, all levels) from around the world.
  4. Pianists’ health: developing healthy and sustainable approaches to piano playing.

Application Process

Deadline: Friday 19 January, 2024

To learn more and prepare your application as a potential speaker, presenter or performer – CLICK HERE

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