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Adam Kreutinger: Puppet Nerd

Posted by Team APATA | Oct 21, 2021

Kid’s Media Maker Adam Kreutinger has a passion for puppets.

We’re not just talking about an interest or a hobby, this is a full-blown love affair.

When he is not running the arts program at South Davis Elementary in the Orchard Park Central District, New York, Adam Kreutinger is The Puppet Nerd!

What we loved about discovering Adam’s passion is that he makes puppet building so easy that kids can build puppets from his patterns and video tutorials with confidence. Read Heather Kransky’s blog post about her daughter Jenna’s puppetry adventure with Camp Puppet – Kreutinger’s week long puppetry workshop for kids.

Kreutinger leads you step-by-step through a range of puppet patterns that are available for free and to purchase. If taking advantage of the free patterns you may like to donate to support his efforts.

We’re going to start with the basic puppet pattern to see how we go and follow Adam’s guidance from his ‘Puppetry 101 tutorial’ which includes tips on lip syncing, using eye focus to create connection & puppet control. I may even a puppet to entertain my nieces for Christmas. I’ll just have to remember to have a special place for the puppet to “go to sleep” when it’s time for Auntie’s wine.

Kreutinger’s fun teaching style appeals to kids and adults alike. He believes that the possibilities are endless when it comes to puppetry, and our week of puppetry exploration at APATA has us inclined to believe he is right.

His latest project, short film “Wish For Wimple!” with Zach Haumesser for the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project, received 9 nominations including ‘Best Film’.

Teacher by day, puppeteer by night, Kreutinger has performed and built puppets for television, film, commercials, and theatrical productions internationally featuring on Splosh Games, Adam Savage’s TESTED , Comedy Central and TVNZ’s Kune’s Kitchen.

Puppet Tears Podcast

In addition to educating, building, and performing puppetry Adam and fellow puppeteer Cam Garrity host the Puppet Tears Podcast featuring in-depth interviews with the world’s most passionate puppeteers.

Whether you are a professional puppet artist, budding puppeteer, a parent, teacher or student, The Puppet Tears Podcast will introduce you to the world of puppetry and its master makers. Adam has an episode in which he is the guest, so meet Adam Kreutinger everybody!

Their latest episode features Eric Wright and Teddy Yudain, the puppeteer cast of Broadway’s Little Shop of Horrors bringing Audrey II to life after the production was initially shutting down due to COVID-19.

Jim Kroupa who coined the term ‘Puppet Tears’ joined Adam and Cam for their very first episode and explains the meaning behind puppet tears.

When we think about puppets we think fun, but as with every artistic discipline puppeteers have their good days and their bad days – hence puppet tears.

“Although this is a podcast of and by puppeteers, it is also a document of cultural heritage and an educational tool. Beyond puppetry, the conversations advance into modern theatre, humanity, history, technique, style, and philosophy. It’s also delightfully entertaining.” ​

– Union Internationale de la Marionette

Here is a quick update added August 2023!


Learn with Adam Kreutinger


Puppetry 101: Will show you everything there is to puppetry so that you can create with puppetry and express yourself confidently every single time. Forward by Muppet Performer Dave Goelz.

You Cannot Spoof a Snoof!: Are you looking for a fun and interactive children’s book with a little bit of everything?
Well, You Cannot Spoof a Snoof! is a fantastic read featuring unique creatures called the Snoof. No one Snoof is the same as the other as each is distinctive in shape, size, colour, and even character!

Puppetry is, at its core, taking an inanimate object, or almost any object, and imbuing it with the illusion of life. This illusion is one of the purest forms of fantasy– the idea of a spark of human consciousness finding its way into… anything.” – Adam Kreutinger


Adam has been smashing brain cancer’s butt since 2022 and the support of his community and puppetry lovers from near and far have helped make a difference in his fight. Read his Blog Post for more information.

For puppet patterns and everything Adam visit www.adamkreutinger.com

Adam’s Tutorials and blog can be found on www.puppetnerd.com

Facebook – @KreutingerPuppets

Listen to the Puppet Tears Podcast – www.puppettears.com


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