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$20M in scholarships to support tertiary education in regional Australia

Posted by Team APATA | Feb 16, 2023

The Australian Government will provide almost $20 million in scholarships over the next four years to encourage more students to take up tertiary education in regional centres.

Up to 480 domestic and international students studying across 83 regional campuses will receive scholarships through round four of the Destination Australia program to live and study in regional Australia.

Making the skills shortage a priority

Assistant Minister for Education Anthony Chisholm said scholarships of up to $15,000 per student, per year would help attract students to the regions, and help meet skills needs by prioritising students studying courses aligned with the Australian Government’s National Skills Priority List.

The National Skills Priority List is a great resource for teachers, students and their families as they gauge future their prospects. You can see what skills have strong future demand and which ones are currently facing a shortage in each state across the country.

Performing arts teachers, Composers, Musicians, Singers, Music professionals, Arts Administrators, Facilities Managers & Education Managers were among the careers with a positive future outlook.

Identifying your arts students’ transferrable skills to courses that can cross-pollinate with their other interests is another handy use of the skills list.

Boosting regional communities

“Destination Australia will help our regions benefit from the important contributions students make to our classrooms and communities,” Senator Chisholm said.

“Our regions have a great lifestyle and world-class education to offer those students.

“The program will provide more opportunities for domestic and international students to enrol in areas of identified skills shortage, meaning more teachers, nurses and engineers where we need them most.

“The Albanese Government believes that all Australians, no matter where they come from, deserve access to high-quality education opportunities, and Destination Australia will boost the participation of groups currently underrepresented in tertiary education.

“I also want international students to consider the many benefits associated with studying in a regional centre or campus, be they cultural, social, or economic.”

Destination Australia scholarships are available to students undertaking studies with 27 tertiary education providers in regional areas, ranging from a Certificate IV through to a PhD for up to four years.

Download the list of scholarship providers HERE

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