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2023 APATA Award Winners

Posted by Team APATA | Apr 28, 2023

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 APATA National Awards Program.

Thank you to all of the exceptional and inspirational schools, studios and educators who put their name in the ring for this year’s APATA Awards. Know that your students and families, your leadership and advocates and the Australian Creative Arts Industry couldn’t perform without you.

You are truly all champions and we are humbled by this chance to celebrate Australian performing arts education with you!

st josephs college apata award winner

2023 APATA National Performing Arts School of the Year

Winner: Saint Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace – Queensland.


St Joseph’s College is a leader in music education. Young men are encouraged and provided the opportunity to explore all forms of music. St Joseph’s College delivers a remarkable program where ‘The Terrace Performing Arts’ pedagogical approach identifies three elements of learning: enable, grow and transform.

From musical theatre showcases, bands, ensembles, orchestras and choirs, the framework of choice available for students is abundant and embraced by many at the College. The College’s leadership team has designed a forward thinking, creative and considered program that is modern and appealing for their students. The school is committed to delivering experiences that help young men to become the best allrounders they can be. This includes an environment of musical inclusiveness.

The College also has an extensive theatre program which allows students to experience live musical theatre. Inclusive culture sits at the heart of the College’s achievements where music is celebrated every-day in every-way such as Fanfare Trumpets playing for the entry of Presentation Assemblies, Pep Band playing at Football rounds, Sousaphone Army playing at Basketball rounds while the Drumline performs at Rugby rounds and all spirit tunnels including welcoming a Year 5 on their first day at Terrace and bidding farewell to the Year 12 students on their final journey out of the College.

[Good Luck for all involved in the 100% sold out Middle School Musical – Aladdin Jr on from 4 May. Watch the cast of Aladdin Jr’s sizzle reel HERE]

Congratulations St Joseph’s College, APATA National Award Winner – School of the Year where the music welcomes, celebrates, and never ends.

View St Joseph’s Individual Award Page: HERE

saint josephs college winner apata award

2023 APATA National Performing Arts Teacher of the Year

Winner: Amy Tinning – Branches Performing Arts, Co Stars Dance Company, Dirty Feet Festival.


Leading the way in regional performing arts, Amy Tinning at Branches Performing Arts based in Northwest Queensland embraces and practices dance ‘no matter where you are’. Amy is committed to instilling a love of dance and the performing arts in her region and beyond providing quality dance education in a positive, supportive and nurturing environment whether you are in the studio or online undertaking the Distance Dance Program.

Amy has designed access to dance with Branches Performing Arts being is a little different and all the more extraordinary for it – the principles of education in the performing arts are not limited by boundaries and inclusive for all to suit the community. Amy’s leadership in dance across the outback is beyond what most of us experience as a teacher with her studio classes teaching 300 students across several remote communities – Hughenden, Richmond, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Winton, Longreach and Barcaldine incorporating 84 scheduled classes, 80 private coaching sessions for students far reaching in the Northern Territory, Outback Queensland and Northern New South Wales with a teaching team online or on road covering 2,000km every fortnight.

Amy is a remarkable dance teacher providing training and development for young artists with professional level performance experience and exposure to high quality dance training and artistic processes. For the children and families based in the great outback of our nation living and working on stations and in remote communities, Amy Tinning has introduced accessible culture as well as widened horizons as to future careers. For the broader community, Amy is an ambassador beyond being a local hero – Amy Tinning is an individual who leans in to overcome any challenge, to fulfil dreams and give back so others can explore their cultural journey.

[Amy’s Branches Performing Arts Student Lucy features in the ABC Landline two-part feature about the Longreach School of Distance Education Outback Musical (Sunday 30 April 2023 and 7 May 2023) watch the first episode HERE (Lucy’s spot is at 9:04)]

Congratulations to Amy Tinning, APATA National Award Winner – Teacher of the Year, a leader in the performing arts making what may seem impossible … possible.

View Amy Tinning’s Individual Award Page: HERE

2023 APATA Performing Arts Student of the Year

Oscar Bridges – Pulteney Grammar School, South Australia


Oscar Bridges’ vocation and dedication for the performing arts is heartfelt.  As a leader in his performing arts community, Oscar seizes every opportunity to develop his talents and craft both on and off the stage. This extends beyond the classrooms of Pulteney Grammar School as he engages in education, learning, development and performance to hone his skills and training.

Oscar is a talented singer, dancer and actor, held in high esteem by both peers and colleagues. He demonstrates strong leadership in the performing arts studying across multiple disciplines and practice and is a dedicated leader undertaking the roles of assistant dance teacher for the junior school dance troupe, and as a college captain in Dance and Music.

Showcasing dedication, passion and strong performance values in his craft through teamwork and leading roles, Oscar’s achievements and pursuit of excellence in the performing arts is undeniable. Through hard work, resilience and persistence, Oscar continues to grow, develop and learn through education, practice and performance.

Oscar’s assessment of ‘self’ when challenged to trust in his craft and training is inspiring and encouraging for others. Oscar’s support and mentoring of others with whom he works and performs alongside, speaks to his values of caring for others and instigating change especially for young boys in dance impacted by bullying in school as his SACE project.

It was an honour and a privilege to read Oscar’s application, hear his story and journey so far and future aspirations in his own words. We wish Oscar all the best as he seeks a career in musical theatre and look forward to following his journey bringing the stage to life, engaging audiences and continuing to lead in the performing arts.

Congratulations Oscar Bridges the 2023 APATA National Award Winner – Student of Year.

View Oscar Bridges’ Individual Award Page: HERE

Presentation videos coming soon.

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